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Thursday’s Valiant Effort: March 27, 2014

Valiant Effort

This could be the least amount of “Effort” that I have put out yet. Not that I am lazy, but there is just one Valiant Comics book this week and I have covered all the news of Valiant stuff in my past Valiant Efforts. This week, after the review, I have a special surprise preview of Rai #1 coming out April 30, 2014.

Valiant EffortEternal Warrior #7 – “Eternal Emperor” continues this issue. Gilad, the Eternal Warrior, left his village in the year 4001 A.D. to find out who sent evil robot buffalo after his people. He has journeyed with his granddaughter to the city to find the source of robots and found that they had turned on an unshielded nuclear reactor and now everyone was poisoned, including his granddaughter. His journey is still not finished as he is heading to the true source of the robots, a man named King Samuel. He has the medicine they need, but not nearly enough and Sam will only allow Gilad to have some if he does a job for him first. The Eternal Emperor must lead an army of robots against a new threat, The Death Cult. They kill everything and have taken control of the lab used for creating the medicine to stop the radiation poisoning. And what better way to end the issue than in a room full of guns! Once again, Greg Pak and Robert Gill write and draw an engaging tale of this future world. I don’t want to miss an issue.

Only one comic this week, but a good one. Anything with giant robots, laser guns, and a killer Death Cult is something worth picking up. Time for something really cool.

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Rai #1 comes out at the end of April. This is a really cool looking comic book, and, interestingly enough, set in the year 4001 A.D…. coincidence? I think not!


Thanks for joining me for another Thursday’s Valiant Effort. Join us next week for some more comics and news from one of the best comic book universes out there. Remember, Read Valiant First!

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