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Thursday’s Valiant Effort: May 15, 2014

Valiant Effort

Only one week left before the release of the milestone X-O Manowar #25. Check out my interview with one of the artists for that issue. And, don’t forget, the big summer event, Armor Hunters, is just around the corner. But, this week on Thursday’s Valiant Effort, two great reviews from this week and some awesome cover art for books coming out in August.


Valiant EffortBloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps #22 – Wow, this was a heck of a book. Bloodshot is on the run from H.A.R.D. Corp after it looks like he detonated the implants in Genius’ head. Bloodshot is injured badly during his escape and drags himself off into the desert. The rest of the team is called together to hunt him down. No one wants a piece of Bloodshot more than Lifeline, as she and Genius had been in a relationship. The team understands that they all have a limited lifespan because of their choice to join the Corps, but it is still not easy to be faced with how simple it is for someone to flip the switch and end them. This is probably one of the grittiest comics that I have read so far from the new Valiant Universe, but it fits right in with the idea of who H.A.R.D. Corps is and what they are all about. The hunt for Bloodshot is on and only time will tell who the next casualty will be. I am really liking the writing team of Duffy Boudreau and Christos Gage, and the art from Al Barrionuevo and Matt Milla’s beautiful colors are a big part of what makes this a great series.

Valiant EffortQuantum and Woody #10 – Last issue we found out the brothers were on opposite sides of the same job. Chris was hired as private security to protect the Hope Diamond at the Smithsonian. Woody just happened to be recruited by a former lover/partner in crime to assist in a heist… at the Smithsonian. Writer James Asmus and artist Kano pit the two brothers against each other in this issue that brings some important issues to a head and, of course, includes the wit and fun that have become important standbys in this series. Woody’s part in all of this ends up having a positive effect, as the man behind the heist, as well as all the thieves involved, are arrested. Unfortunately, so is Woody. Things are not looking good for Woody, since Eric had to turn him in for the robbery to keep it from looking like Eric was involved in it, too. What is next for our intrepid heroes (?) as the fallout from this mishap could have some pretty severe implications? Find out next month.


With the success of last year’s 8-bit covers, Valiant has announced that they will be releasing video game based covers in the month of August this year. I have a sneak peek of covers from a few of the books. These are really cool looking and I expect them to be pretty popular, so be sure that you get your LCS to order these and have them in stock.

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That’s it for this week’s Thursday’s Valiant Effort. Thanks for stopping by and reading up on all the Valiant Entertainment releases each week. If you have missed an episode, please check out the jump page. Until next week, Read Valiant First.

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