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Thursday’s Valiant Effort: May 22, 2014

Valiant Effort

Welcome to another week of Thursday’s Valiant Effort, your #1 place for all things related to Valiant Entertainment. This week is a big week for Valiant Entertainment as the first of the big milestone issues was released. Multiple artists and writers lend their talents to make this company great on a weekly basis, but this week one comic book combines all of those things, including some awesome variant covers.


Valiant EffortUnity #7 – Matt Kindt continues the tale of Silk and his malicious Webnet, as the world is poised to succumb to his nefarious plan. Silk’s virus, spread through a visual key, is a terrible thing. Those effected are basically dead inside and are now zombies of Silk. The virus spreads fast, with the infected taking over a plane and trying to crash it into London. Aric, the wielder of the Z-O Manowar armor,  is there to save the day and catch a child who turns out to be infected. Meanwhile, Ninjak is looking for the location where Livewire is being held, happily killing Silk clones along the way. Aric brings the child back to base and asks that they do all in their power to reverse the virus. Gilad, the Eternal Warrior, is in Mexico City awaiting directions and remembering scenes from his long life. Finally, Dell, Silk’s driving force behind his research, the woman he loved and attempted to copy and make love him but time after time failed, shows up to exact her vengeance. Gilad talks with her and finds out her side of this tale. Together they uncover and put an end to the plot to distribute tainted water and the visual virus worldwide. After a long search, Ninjak heads towards where they think the real Silk’s body is, but will killing him be enough to stop the reach of Webnet?

Valiant EffortX-O Manowar #25 – A veritable cornucopia of writers and artists worked on this milestone issue. The list includes Robert Venditti, Barry Kitson, Andy Runton, Justin Jordan, Rafer Roberts, Sean Chen, Tom Fowler, Cary Nord, and many others. There were multiple covers for this issue, as well, including a very cool Rafer Roberts cover done exclusively for my local comic book shop, Beyond Comics. Multiple stories in this issue give us a deeper insight into who Aric is, from his position as the commander of the Visigoth horde to an alien armor wielding super hero. This issue also includes another story of the Armor Hunters as they leave behind a fallen comrade and make their way to Earth to find the creature called Malgam, whose butt Aric already kicked while out in space. This is an interesting story and a look inside the code these beings live by, traveling from planet to planet killing armors and stopping planet-wide destruction… or causing it. There are also a couple of very funny stories included in this issue.

I got to go in and meet Rafer Roberts and Justin Jordan as they were signing copies of X-O Manowar #25 at my LCS. The cover is pretty cool. Check out my pictures below. I appreciate both of them spending their time talking with me and making such great comics.

Valiant Effort Valiant Effort

Some great stuff this week. If you did not get out to your LCS to pick it up, you better go get X-O Manowar #25, this is a great comic and has that awesome lead-in story to Armor Hunters, which starts up next month. Until then, Read Valiant First.

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