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Valiant Effort

Welcome to Thursday’s Valiant Effort, your home for reviews of all the great books from Valiant Entertainment. I try to cover all the comic books that would have been released this past Wednesday. This week, I am still doing a bit of catch up. The Valiant #4 is out now and I can review the entire series for you. Plus, we also just got the third issue of Quantum and Woody Must Die.

Valiant Effort Valiant Effort Valiant EffortValiant Effort

The Valiant #1 – #4

It all begins, or at least the story revolves around, Gilad Anni-Padda, the Eternal Warrior. Gilad has spent his very long life protecting the Geomancer, in whatever form they may appear, throughout history, but always losing them to a creature of darkness, a balance as it calls itself. The creature, this Immortal Enemy, shows up periodically and kills the Geomancer, despite the fact that Gilad puts all he has into their protection.

Book One lays the groundwork to introduce us to all the players. Gilad we know. Armstrong, Bloodshot, and Neville from MI-6. We are also introduced to Kay McHenry, the current vessel for the Geomancer powers. She has floated through life, never really having a purpose, but now feels the call of the Earth and has committed to doing good with her powers. Just in time to be hunted by the Immortal Enemy.

Bloodshot was sent into the jungles to retrieve a mysterious package. Of course, there was a cool gunfight and giant mechs. In Book Two, we encounter Ninjak as he is trying to appropriate a key to unlock the mystery box. But, before we get any more of that part of the story, Kay is in danger.

Gilad and Ninjak rush to her rescue, as her beliefs give life and form to the creature, turning it into a man named Mr. Flay from an old children’s story that her father would read to her when she was younger. The creature embodies the greatest fear of its victim. Even Ninjak succumbs to the magic of this monster. This proves to be quite the battle until Princess Kay’s white knight arrives… Bloodshot. He at least slows the creature and allows her to escape. Meanwhile, Neville is calling in some other troops.

In Book Three, we see that “some other troops” really means almost every character in the Valiant Universe. Everyone from Dr. Mirage to Quantum and Woody to H.A.R.D. Corps ends up coming to Gilad’s aid. As Bloodshot takes Kay to the mall to hide and prepare for battle, the troops take on the creature, hitting it with everything they have. But, it’s not enough. as Book Three draws to a close, the battlefield is riddled with fallen soldiers and Mr. Flay is about to go on a shopping spree.

The Valiant #4 came out this week and brings our story to a close. The question is what is in the box? Will it be enough to save the world or destroy it? Will Gilad fail once more? I really can’t spoil this issue, because it is so good. I will tell you that because of the events of this series things change in a major way in the Valiant Universe. This has been a beautiful series, well written by Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt, and Paolo Rivera’s art on this series has been phenomenal. This is a top quality series and I really applaud Valiant for putting such a great event together. My Rating: 5/5

Valiant EffortQuantum And Woody Must Die #3

In this next issue in the newest Quantum and Woody adventure, the duo face a truly menacing danger… Their dad is in labor! You know, the goat with laser eyes that is inhabited by the consciousness of their father? Anyway, meanwhile the monsters created by Dr. Quell are readying an ambush for Quantum and Woody. This book is one hilarious situation after another. From suicide bomber sloths to the line “I think I just ate a whole falcon”, this issue is so good. There are some strange things in store for this team, not the least of which is the impact of Dr. Skinner’s hypnotism. Will the boys live through this series? That is yet to be seen. Definitely pick this one up. My Rating: 4.5/5

That wraps us this week’s Thursday’s Valiant Effort. I hope you enjoyed it, will share it, and will leave a comment down below. Tune in next week for another great giveaway. With the recent announcements about the upcoming Valiant movie and TV projects, there are a lot more people who are becoming interested in the great stuff that Valiant puts out each week.



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