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Thursday’s Valiant Effort: Two Comic Booked Dudes Take Over

Valiant Effort

Thanks for joining us for Thursday’s Valiant Effort this week. I know, it is a little later than Thursday, but we are dealing with some changes and things are really starting to take off here at Comic Booked. This week we are trying something a little different, delivering this column via video instead of the typical print version you may be used to and bored with.

I have been reviewing all the Valiant comics since December 2013 but Justin is a newbie to the Valiant Universe, so this should be an interesting conversation. We review Dead Drop #1 and the 2015 edition Valiant Universe Handbook.

[youtube id=”qxWFyMRJtpg” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Look for one of these every week, talking about all the great new books that Valiant publishes. Look for a giveaway next week as we have at least one really cool book to give away to one lucky fan.

Please share this and let us know how you like it. We try to provide some great information and entertainment to you, but we need to know what you like. Do you enjoy videos over print? Would you like to see more giveaways? What will drive you to participate in a conversation? All of these are important questions that we need the answers to as we try to draw more people into the great comic book universes that exist among all publishers. Help us out in any way you can. Thanks.

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