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Titan Comics Review: Doctor Who – The Tenth Doctor #3

Doctor Who

Writer: Nick Abadzis

Artist: Elena Casagrande ( with ink assistant Michelle Pasta & layout assistant Paolo Villanelli )

Spoilers Sweeties! 😉

My love…………I mean the 10th Doctor 😉 …………last issue traveled through a dryer to another planet to confront an alien race that created cerebravores that are attacking earth by psychicly causining humans to witness their worst fears & draining the fear to become corporeal…………all at once!!!!!! So much action & so little time except he is the Doctor so he has all of the time in the world!!!!!

It turns out that the cerebravores were created to be a weapon & they escaped using the teleportation technology that the same scientist that created the cerebravores created. So the Doctor destroys the teleporter on a time delay so that he can jump back & use the good will of the Day Of The Dead & Halloween to destroy the fear sucking cerebravores with the help of his new companion Gabby & her lovely singing voice!!!!!!!

*gasp!* I think I covered everything!

In case you could not tell, this issue is just full of activity! It is David Tennant running & running & being clever & running some more! & I like Gabby! She is smart & intelligent & fun…….enough that the Doctor rejects her but then changes his mind because he cannot not take her with him.

The art work is quite good, although just a little bit uneven. I would guess that Elena Casagrande inked her own art for much of the issue but Michelle Pasta & Paolo Villanelli assisted in different spots such that the work does not quite match all of the time. It is still good but……………jarring a bit, I guess?

& perhaps the best part of the new Titan Comics are the 1 page strips at the end……………

Doctor Who
the 3 doctors ❤

My Rating: 4/5


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