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Todd Nauck Gets ComicBooked!


Todd Nauck

Agent Burgos reporting from the 2010 Phoenix Comic Con!

As I walk on the streets of downtown Phoenix, you can’t help but  notice a big crowd of people dressed up in costumes. It’s not Halloween, and it’s a 100 and  plus degrees outside. But still, you see a mob of people heading towards the Phoenix Convention Center. Call them Geeks, Nerds whatever you want,  everyone is having a fun time.

Me and my fellow Avenger Scarlet, decided to approach Todd, one of the guests for this year’s convention. I told Scarlet that I had said hello to him on Friday night and that he was a very cool and down to earth guy, and well, he is!

But who is Todd Nauck you might ask?

Well here is a little info from his site :

Todd Nauck is the artist of the historic and bestselling comic book,Amazing Spider-Man #583: the Spider-Man/Barack Obama Team-Up. Nauck’s iconic image of Spider-Man fist bumping the new American President has been featured in major news sources worldwide and the book has become an instant collector’s item having gone into a record fifth printing to date. Todd Nauck is a well-known veteran of the comic book industry and works regularly for Marvel and DC Comics, with 15 years of credits including Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man Family, Teen Titans Go, Young Justice as well as countless others. Earlier this year, Nauck created exclusive Super Bowl heroes on behalf of Marvel Comics featured in the ESPN Super Bowl Sunday Countdown show. He also writes and draws his creator-owned title, WildGuard, through Image Comics.


Scarlet and I decided to ask Todd a couple of questions, and being the nice guy that he is, he agreed!

So please check the interview below and post your comments:

[youtube id=”kKo32_oFwSk” width=”620″ height=”360″]

How about that ladies and gentlemen?  This guy has some real talent and his work is amazing!!

Thank you for the interview Mr. Nauck!

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Awesome. Hope you're having fun out there!

Great interview! Wish I could be at PhoenixComiCon. Cheers!

great interview! also awesome to see Scarlet being apart of comicbooked!

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