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Top 10 Female Characters of 2015

Women, Top 10 Female Characters of 20151

Female characters topped every media chart at some point this year and at an unexpected rate – not a bad thing! Most chart toppers arrived more clothed, smarter, quippier and increasingly more confident in their ability to make the world a better place! These top 10 females characters did not require a comic book membership as the names include only ladies fraught with wit, strength, fortitude, character and their own brand of individualistic charm! This list represents my top ten female characters from 2015 and described in no particular order. Everyone was fair game to be included on this list, so the ladies below are from no specific genre.

Jessica Jones – Jessica Jones (Image, Netflix)

Jessica Jones, Netflix1 J-E-S-S-I-C-A!!!! She’s tough, angry, street smart, loyal and unwillingly compelled to do the right thing when it really matters. How can viewers not love Jessica’s attitude, grit and fearless application of newfound abilities with the freedom to use them? It’s hard not to love her. If you have an affinity for purple (she doesn’t), or a dislike for hard liquor (she loves it), it could be imagined you may not care much for her until you see her in action and understand her ways. Hopes are many seasons will follow for this sassy, loveable heroine of the streets.

Michonne – The Walking Dead (Image, AMC)

Michonne, The Walking Dead1

Michonne is the strongest willed person ever. If there ever is a zombie apocalypse EVERYONE would stick by her side. She’s seen and done things nobody else has and survived with character and core beliefs intact. Survived… Survived by doing things she doesn’t want to talk about, let alone think about, because she had no choice. Nobody knows what that feels like or how they would react if put in her shoes. All we do know is, that we ALL want to be on Michonnes team – anytime, anywhere. (I also never want to make her mad… EVER… )

Agent May – Agents of Shield (Image, Gamersphere, AOS, Marvel)
Gamersphere, Agents of Shield, Agent May1

Leader, experienced agent, focused, deadly and another older, strong female role model. Love that media is now showing you don’t have to be uber young, long hair and half dressed to be sexy or in a leading role! Sex appeal is real with Agent May! Love her or loath her, we still want to be her friend, confidant or partner in crime. She’s a strong woman of few words, courageous actions and minute facial expressions. TEAM MAY ALL THE WAY!

Mrs. Johnson – Blackish (Image,© Kevin Parry for The Paley Center for Media )

Blackish, 1Exceptionally hilarious and very, very brave for taking on this role, ‘Mrs. Johnson’ is not hesitant to show her true self, real life fears, strengths and unashamed pride in who she is. Plus, it’s tough to be married now-a-days, in any household and it’s uber charming to see how she works to keep the family running smooth! I admire that she lives her life with a great attitude, has control of any and all situations and works well with what comes her way – regardless of where it takes her. Whew, she has it handled and in a loveable style!

Black Widow – Avengers: Age of Ultron (Image, Marvel)
Black WIdow, Age of Ultron1

Natasha is not a new character, but as more of her story is revealed she is becoming more human and less like a killing machine to viewers. We see her now as a best friend to Hawkeye, in love with Hulk, loyal to the Avengers cause even while stripped of the her womanhood early in life. Despite these issues, she remains willing to give up all hope of a relationship to finish the job of saving the world. Classic hero, martyr and friend!

Rey – Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Image, Lucasfilm)

Rey, Star Wars, The Force Awakens1Clever, thinks on her feet (also runs fast on them), strong, loyal, resourceful and doesn’t need her hand held. Damsel in distress? I think not, she’s powerful, a great pilot, moral compass to those hanging around and knows her stuff! Definitely a lead on the desired BFF listing, for men and women.

Carol – The Walking Dead (Image, AMC)

The Walking Dead, Carol1

Carol is an older, strong woman character, which first of all is amazing and needed! She naturally leads the women and has men in an end of the world apocalyptic situation respecting her. She makes you feel comfortable enough to come over for tea and casserole, cookies or bread, and yet it feels just as natural to be standing next to her while she sticks a knife in a zombies head. THE strongest overall female character this year, hands down and knives up!

Agent Carter – Agent Carter (Image, Marvel)
Agent Carter, Marvel1

Agent Carter surprised us all with a monstrously successful first season followed by a much anticipated approval for a second. Whew! Agent Carter remains fresh in our minds as a strong, level-headed woman of the World War II era who tactfully holds her own when misogyny rears it’s ugly head. Brilliant scripts, non-stop action coupled with tremendous acting talent created a real life super hero who can call The Howling Commandos to arms one minute and the next don a flowing gown with style. Just a suggestion Agent, next time hide the scar better!

Watson – Elementary (Image, CBS)

Elementary, Sherlock Holmes, Watson, Dr. Watson, CBS1That’s right, strong woman role models don’t need a cape or costume! Watson holds her own with Sherlock, earning his intellectual respect and our admiration. Doctor, investigator and doggedly loyal friend, she works magic by keeping Sherlock in line while solving cases with his help. Intuition reigns in her world and Watson has massive amounts of it. Smart, detailed and always welcoming a challenge, this surgeon turned sleuth over the last few years has leapt into hearts, minds and seriously Watson, geek on, girl! 

Lady Mechanika – Lady Mechanika (ImageJoe Benitez)

Lady Mechanica1

Steampunk never had such a hero, dashing about in the best costumes, goggles tightened, ropes flying, guns ‘a blazing and jet packs roaring! Lady M has amazing, steamy adventures with a wide variety of people, working with everyone yet really working with no one. A beautiful mystery yet fiendishly deadly, Lady Mechanika leapt into our imaginations, providing great cosplay ideas and assisting the steampunk movement towards mainstream comics. Plus, red eyes are mesmerizing!

Number 11 – Runner Up is Maria Hill – Agents of Shield (Image, Entertainment Weekly)
Agents of Shield, Maria Hill1

Age of Ultron proved Agent Maria Hill is the glue for any Avenger plan to save the world. As the only confidant of Director Fury… well… that pretty much says it all right there. Unsung, stalwart and resolute, she is a true hero, always coming (calmly), to extricate Avengers and command ‘troops’  behind the scenes. We salute you, Agent Hill!

Remaining short list of runners up are:

1- Supergirl – Supergirl 

2- Professor Annalise Keating – How To Get Away With Murder

3- Imperator Furiosa – Mad Max: Fury Road

4 – Joy – Inside Out

5 – Eve Baird, Cassandra Cillian – The Librarians

6 – Every woman!!! You work hard every day and you deserve some kudos, it’s tough out there ladies! Keep up the fantastic work!

Thanks ladies, for being who you are in such an amazing way!  Many thanks to your supporters, either men or women, who stood beside you and behind you all year. As 2015 winds down, take care of  yourself and my wish for you is that 2016 is just as an amazing year for you as 2015 was, if not better!

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