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Top 5 Best Female Superheroes

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Top 5 Best Female Superheroes

There are so many female superheroes out there it’s hard to pick a favorite! We thought we would give it a good bash and have a list of who we think are the top 5 women superheroes of all time and why!


Catwoman is like an anti-hero but that’s what makes her so interesting. She isn’t all good – but she isn’t all bad either, adding to the mystique. She is probably one of the sexiest female superheroes but she is immensely strong. She is beautiful – but you aren’t to be fooled as she can easily hurt a man. She is trained in martial arts and is the perfect cat burglar. The fact that she is occasionally Batman’s ally brings a whole other dimension to her character, where they have a flirtatious but ultimately complicated relationship.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is probably one of the most renowned superheroes out there. She is portrayed as a feminist and fights for sexual equality, peace and love. She isn’t complicated like Catwoman but she does have some pretty good weapons at her disposal. These include a lasso of truth, bracelets that are indestructible and a glistening tiara that doubles up as projectile weapon. She’s a strong woman that females can identify with. She’s probably someone that would enjoy a good old game of bingo and a laugh with the girls too – at least that’s the personality that is portrayed.


She-Hulk is what we would describe as a human superhero. The reason for this is she has her flaws but ultimately she is a fantastic person and a great icon for women everywhere. She is known for being a great character with a wicked sense of humor. She likes to speak to have a load of girlfriends despite being sexualized in the comic books, and like Wonder Woman in the modern day be found chatting to roomies in bingo rooms and be the life and soul of the party.  You can find some top new bingo sites here if you fancy a natter or gossip! She also has a fantastic head on her shoulders and is very intelligent – all making her an intriguing character.


Psylocke is probably one of the most powerful superheroes around. She can do pretty much anything she feels like to a person’s mind. She has other amazing powers like being telekinetic and can teleport through shadows.  Of course she is also one of the most sexy superheroes and is extremely tough being from the X-Men comics. Known for her stunning good looks and power of the mind, she is a force to be reckoned with.


As her name suggests Storm is a force of nature! She is a master manipulator who is probably well-known for defeating none other than Wonder Woman herself. She can control the weather as well as the ocean and of course as you would expect from her super hero name provoke storms. Like most of our favorites she is definitely one of the most attractive woman superheroes, and easily one of the most powerful too.

Top 5 Best Female Superheroes

Those are a few ideas, who do you think are the Top 5 Best Female Superheroes?

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