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Top 5 Canadian Characters You Know (And One You Probably Don’t)


6. Northstar

Although many comic readers did not know much about Northstar until recently, he has definitely taken center stage for some controversy that has covered comics of late. In 1992, Marvel took a risk and let one of its heroes take the spotlight as its first openly gay hero (at least, to my knowledge, and as far as I can tell he still remain’s Marvel’s only gay hero in the mainstream Marvel U – we’ve seen a few others in their Ultimate Universe). Marvel took a character who was not known as being a first-stringer (Alpha Flight was definitely not one of Marvel’s top selling books) and using it to drive controversy to up some sales. (Did it work? Alpha Flight lasted a little longer but not too much, but like the cat it keeps coming back…)

In the last few months, though, Marvel upped the ante. Northstar got married in Astonishing X-Men #51. Although you rarely see a Marvel wedding go off without some sort of super-villain battle, this wedding had colleagues demonstrate their unease with the event, thus mirroring real life. (It was a great story – go buy it on ComicBooked’s ComiXology store!) My only issue with it: One of Northstar’s gifts were season tickets to the Habs (Montreal Canadiens hockey team) and the artist drew the Quebec Nordiques, which eventually became the Colorado Avalanche. But if that’s the only problem, then score! (Unless in the Marvel U the Nordiques logo represents the Habs… Come on Marvel, no-prize?)


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