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Top 5 Canadian Characters You Know (And One You Probably Don’t)


2. Wolverine

OK, really… Were you seriously not expecting Logan to be on this list? Who doesn’t know Wolverine these days? As one of the oldest Canadian characters (I mean from the time he was born in the late 1800’s) Wolverine has been a fan favorite. As one of the first “New X-Men” way back in Giant-Size X-Men #1 his character was vastly popular. He was a fighter, but with a gentle streak (I remember Storm calling him out on his hunting when all he did was sneak up on a doe). Now, he holds the distinction of being in virtually every major Marvel team out there – X-Men, X-Force, Avengers, Alpha Flight, and a one-time member of the FF as well (don’t believe me? Logan, Hulk, Ghost Rider and Spider-Man back in Fantastic Four #347-349). Many know him from the 3 X-Men movies, his own Wolverine: Origins movie and his brief cameo in X-Men: First Class – in fact, I know many who cannot differentiate him from Hugh Jackman. But suffice to say, Wolverine is probably what most people think of for Canadian comic characters at first glance. At least until HE came around…


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