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Top 5 Canadian Characters You Know (And One You Probably Don’t)


1. Scott Pilgrim

Born and raised in Toronto, Scott Pilgrim was a bass player in a band until a young lady, Ramona Flowers, walked into his life. He then had to fight her 7 evil exes in order to gain her as a girlfriend. And once he did, his story became a movie that (although definitely not a hit movie by Academy Award standards) brought this unknown hero to the big screen and played by equally nerdy Michael Cera. Scott Pilgrim is the sole brainchild of Bryan Lee O’Malley. Although not a super-hero per se, Scott has powers he did not know he had – the ability to turn evil exes into video game coins, for example! If you’ve never read this series (it’s a collection of 6 books in Manga-size) you really should and if you’ve never seen the movie, you’re in for a fun romp!


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