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Top 5 comics that deserve to have a TV show


Top 5 comics that deserve to have a TV show

With the current dash to make successful television shows based on popular comics, I feel like several really excellent options have been forgotten. There are a myriad of popular and upcoming titles: Arrow, Agents of Shield, Gotham, Constantine, Flash, and Agent Carter to name a few. Here are my ideas on what should be the next five series to hit the boob tube.

5. Talon

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So we will most likely never get a Batman live action series ever again. That doesn’t mean that no one in his family will be lost in television obscurity. Talon is the one good apple in the rotten orchard that is the Court of Owls. With training similar to Batman, with a focus on being an escape artist beyond the abilities of even the caped crusader, you could sample a lot of his enemies and members of the cities more sordid past. For fans of historical Gotham City, the Court of Owls would allow for a historical story, dealing with many of the pillar families, up to and including the Gates of Gotham villain, the Architect. Alternatively, Nightwing, Red Robin, or Red Hood could be used to do much the same thing, but none of them feel like they would fit a historical tone, which would really set this series apart.

4. Morning Glories

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Seriously, Image has been doing an excellent job in the comic world. One of the best comics they have been producing recently has been Morning Glories. This series follows a group of super intelligent and in a lot of ways, special teenagers. The Morning Glories Academy has some lethal and unorthodox practices and teaching techniques. The comic has offered a huge amount intrigue in a big way, and more than once. It would be perfect for an ongoing television series for one big reason; Ambiguity. After nearly forty issues, the series is compelling and interesting even with zero answers or explanations on how some of the elements of the story work. This kind of open-ended approach to narrative lends itself very well for a television series that seeks to continue until the ratings drop. Sure, as a viewer I’d begin a love-hate relationship with the shows never ending cliff hangers, but that is what makes TV sell!

3. City: the Mind in the Machine

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What makes me think that IDW’s title City: the Mind in the Machine would make a fantastic television series? Three words. Person of Interest. This entire series is built on a super surveillance system and an agent employed to clandestinely deal with people the system picks out randomly. Now, take that agent, jack him directly into the system, and give him control over all of the systems connected to the cities grid. Person of Interest with super powers and no limit to the amount of people the main character can help. Now that sounds like an amazing series.

2. Moon Knight

Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage are getting their own television series exclusively on Netflix sometime in the next two years. Street level super heroes in New York seems like an excellent idea, and there are series that suggest all three will be received well. The talented crew at Deviant Children Productions is currently working on a proof of concept film based on the Moon themed character. Having personally spoken with the writer, Nicholas Ortiz, I know he would love to do the Netflix series for night time protector.

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Nuff’ said.

1. Runaways

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Teenage drama sells. The coming of age story sells. Runaways is a comic about six young teens who discover their parents are super villains. Not only this, but many o the characters have had their true natures and abilities hidden from them. This allows for all of the staples of a teenage drama; rebellion against your parents, young love, finding yourself, etc. The people who love drama and the people who love supernatural and superhero action can share the same couch when Runaways finally debuts in primetime!

Honorable Mention: Fables

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Fables only gets an honorable mention here because it is already slated to be a movie. Warner Bros will be tossing your favorite story book characters onto the silver screen in a new way sometime after the completion of the Justice League movie. However, fairy tales are tearing up the television these days. With the unprecedented success of Once Upon a Time and the competing Grimm, the average TV viewer is prepped and ready for the best  re-imagined fairy tale series in the industry. With how long the story is, I think it would lend itself much better to an ongoing series than a movie.

Any comics you think should get a series?  Hit me up in the comments!

Any TV series you think deserve a comic?  Me too!  Check it out!

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