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5 Most Romantic Couples for Valentine’s Day

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It’s February and everyone knows what that means right? “PRESIDENTS DAY!” “Black History Month!” Well yes, but that’s not all I’m thinking. It’s the holiday that’s created to make everyone without a loved one feel like a total loser. It’s Valentine’s Day this month. It’s the time of year where greeting card companies and florists make a fortune. It’s the time the year most guys dread because they have no idea what to give their girl that they haven’t given her already last year. Love is in the air. Even comic characters can feel the love. Here are some of the most long lasting romantic couples in comics today.



Wonder Man/ Vision and Scarlet Witch-

This is probably one of the creepiest love triangles in comics.   One guy is made up of ionic energy; the other has the other’s memory patterns stuck into an artificial intelligence android. Both are in love with a psycho mutant magic witch. Let’s not forget the magic babies she had together with the robot…yeah weird. I hope we see some of that weird love in the upcoming Avengers movie sequel.

It's Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's Day!


Green Arrow and Black Canary-

These two were just made for each other. They argue and bicker but always make up. They’ve had a rocky relationship over the years, but not even death could separate these two for too long. Not only are these two lovers but they’re also crime fighting partners. You can currently see the live action romantics in the hit TV show Arrow as well.

It's Valentine's Day!


Apollo and Midnighter-

What if Superman and Batman were secretly gay and in love with each other. Well, this is what Apollo and Midnighter are. They’re more bloodthirsty and a little psycho compared to the World’s Finest duo though. When they’re not saving the world and killing bad guys in horrible ways, they spend most of their time being just about the sweetest couple in comics. They might be the first same sex superhero wedding couple in comics too.



Peter Parker and Mary Jane-

One is an awkward super genius geek and the other is a stunning red headed super model. How did he ever hit the jackpot? Oh yeah, because he’s Spiderman. Peter and MJ have gone through a lot in there relationship. Their biggest obstacle in their relationship has been Marvel’s editorial staff. You would think they were jealous of Peter or something.



Lois and Clark- 

Talk about a long term relationship.  These guys have been dating for over 50 years until they finally got married. Classic Lois and Clark are the most romantic couple there ever was. I’m sorry Wonder Woman, but your days are numbered. Supes will always end up with Lois.





Sorry Batman and Robin. Move over Matt and Ben. Quantum and Woody are the Lethal Weapon of the comic industry. They’ve brought the buddy cop genre to superheroes. They never leave each other’s side when the going gets tough and they always have each other’s back. Although it’s probably because they have no other choice though.

quantum-and-woody-teaser for Valentines Day

Honorable Mentions-

Scott and Jean Grey– (X-Men)

Come on, Marvel! Scott hasn’t been the same since Jean died…again. They were one of the best couples in comics. I miss them. Scott and Emma just didn’t work.

Jesse and Daisy- (Preacher)

For a comic series filled with so much violence, crude humor and sins of ever sort, the love story behind these two were one of the most emotional and touching things in this series.


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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