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The Top 5 Enemies of Daredevil


Daredevil has had to tangle with some nasty villains through his tenure defending Hell’s Kitchen.    As you can see pictured, he has even taken on Adolf Hitler!   Every hero needs an arsenal of enemies, so I have compiled a  list of the top five enemies he has to continuously battle on an almost regular basis.



For starters, his real name is Zebediah Killgrave. Names don’t really get much cooler than that.  Seriously, walk over to a mirror and say “I’m Zebediah Killgrave” and you will feel instantly better about yourself, trust me.    This goof ball has the ability to release pheromones which when inhaled by others means he can control their mind with his verbal requests.  Although this power sounds hilarious, don’t let Purple Man fool you; he is all about a life of crime!   Although in recent comics he has been known to be at odds with Jessica Jones, make no mistake – Daredevil and Killgrave have had some heavy confrontations and he is just as dangerous as any other villain, and he continues to be a giant pain in Daredevil’s life.    He is remarkably smart and his skin is purple, which kind of tosses him back in that goof ball category. I mean if he is so smart… why not stop being Purple all the time?   He is the definition of a man who just wants to watch the world be destroyed.



Wilson Fisk a.k.a The Kingpin is blessed with the title of Daredevil’s archenemy. The Kingpin, like Purple Man, has been a constant thorn in Daredevil’s battle to clean up the streets of Hell’s Kitchen.  He is the largest crimelord in the city.   Regardless of his stature, Fisk is nearly all muscle and remarkably strong for being just a regular person.   He is cunning, ruthless, and above all diabolical.  The Kingpin has roots that go all the way back to Daredevil’s father Jack Murdock. The Kingpin has been seen smashing a human head with his hands.  He also really likes to bear hug people, which due to his strength can break anyone’s spirit let alone every bone in the body.  Kingpin has been known to ally with heroes to take down other crime syndicates to ensure he is number one crime lord in New York City.



With aliases and no real name ever given, Bullseye is just the right kind of psychotic lunatic you don’t want to obsess over you.  Unfortunately for Daredevil, he is the number one person Bullseye obsesses over.  With an immaculate ability to hit any target of his choosing, combined with his psychosis, this guy is what Joker is to Batman.   Bullseye is constantly after Daredevil, sometimes other heroes get in the way, but it doesn’t take him long to continue after Daredevil.  He will do whatever it takes for Daredevil to notice him – from robbing a bank, to killing his girlfriend, to just hurting anyone in his path until he has Murdock’s attention. Although frequently employed by Wilson Fisk, Bullseye will go after Daredevil on his own time as well showing exactly why he is the number three villain on this list.



A pacemaker is a medical device which uses electrical impulses to regulate the beating of the heart.  It also one of Daredevil’s weaknesses.  Matt Murdock is a very successful lawyer for many reasons – number one being, he can tell when people are lying.  Well, at least most of the time.  How can you stop this ability?   Simple, you regulate your heart to where your heart rate count continues to go back to normal.  This has plagued Matt more than once and it brought us to a much darker side of Daredevil, which brings us to our number one enemy of Daredevil:



Yes, he may be the man without fear – but he is not the man without pain.  The inner angst that comes from Matt Murdock rivals that of any hero who is driven by the thought of justice.  Matt has proven time and time again that there is no one worse that Daredevil has to battle than himself, whether he is putting his personal life on hold and creating lies to ensure justice is served to those who are deserving,  faking his own death and living a life as his twin brother Mike, or just going absolutely bananas on every villain that walks in his path not only to provide justice but to provide some happiness in the bleak and deep down very dark persona that is Daredevil.

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Comments (5)

I strongly disagree with you on this. Purple man does belong ranked where he is, but putting a simple Pacemaker before The Kingpin or BULLSEYE is blasphemous haha. I agree that Murdock is truely his own worst enemy, but Bullseye and Kingin should be #2 and #3, and Mr. Fear should be on this list.

Originally I had a top 10 that was serious and it included Mr. Fear, Owl, Elektra, etc. Then I decided to go a more playful route. I think eveyone out there knows that Pacemaker shouldn't even be on this list haha

Haha I actually think I would have really enjoyed the serious top 10. The Owl and Elektra def belong on the list 😀

I think Mark Steven Johnson belongs on this list. I'm not happy until I get another Grumpy Old Men, maybe starring Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. It would be the Brokeback Mountain of comic book movies. I'd go see it.

lol at the Mark Steven Johnson remark even though I think the movie is pretty good, I mean it has Ben Affleck!

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