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Top 5 Most Noteworthy Parents In Comics

bat-fathers day

Better late than never, Comic Book brings you a Father’s Day special counting down the Two 5 most noteworthy parents in all of comicdom. Check out our list and let us know in the comments what your top five may include.


This is kind of a cheap one to use. It has a lot of interpretations. For instance, Batman on Earth 2 was a deadbeat, cowardly mob doctor who let his child grow up alone, then took up his mantle in an attempt to honor his sacrifice. Really kind of a horrible dad. Normal Batman is kind of a mixed bag as well. He has adopted two orphans to raise as his own. He also trains them to be Robin and puts them in harms way despite the learned lesson of Jason Todd, the second Robin. His actual son died ebing his Robin as well, but Batman walked into Apocalypse, basically a kind of hell, to get him back. With all of this at his feet, I’d say at the very least, Batman is a noteworthy Father.



You know, Normally I wouldn’t consider him a worthwhile father, but DC did spend the better part of a year telling a story where he was trying to kill his own daughter. Before the New 52, he had tried to turn her into his villainous sidekick as well. So great parenting Mr Brown, and Happy Father’s Day.


parentsReed Richards:

Admittedly, I’m not the staunchest fan of the fantastic four. However, the Richards clan does have some of the smartest, most capable, and most reckless kids in the Marvel Universe. It has not passed my notice that the kids have saved their Parents and their friends on so many occasions that it’s becoming a FF trope. And let’s not forget the raw power of Franklin Richards. All of the superior intelligence and heroic intent has to come from somewhere, and in the end Fantastic Four is all about the family.


parentsBigby Wolf:

For readers of Fables, this one should come as no shock. For everyone else, Bigby Wolf is the Husband of Snow White and the fabled villain of Little Pigs and those wearing Red Riding Hoods. He has a litter of seven kids. On top of fighting off his own monstrous and murderous older brother’s to save him. At one point, he mounts a multiverse traversing search for two of his missing children.


Moreso than that, He has installed a loyalty and love for the pack into his kids that transcends so much instinctual behavior. In the story arch Cubs in Toyland, his eldest sacrifices his life to protect his baby sister almost without hesitation, but only after searching every other avenue. Any dad that can create gods, heroes, and monsters is at the very least, interesting.


parentsDeathstroke: Worlds greatest assassin doesn’t really inspire thoughts of Paternal excellence. It’s true, his eldest son and his daughter are super mercenaries as well. His middle son Jericho has super powers and once went mad enough to try and cripple Teen Titans to keep them from being super heroes because it is dangerous. But let’s not forget that he alienated Rose and Jericho at one point, giving them a common enemy in himself, so that they could join the Titans. So they could have the family he couldn’t provide. I’m just saying, sacrifice shouldn’t be forgotten.


parentsHonorable Mention:

I feel that Luke Cage deserves an honorable mention for being a father on top of an Avenger, running the Thunderbolts, and backing his best friend Iron Fist. It’s a hell of a family man that can spin so many plates.


Happy Father’s Day Everybody!

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