Top 5 sexiest super costumes


5 – Black Mary Marvel


Now for this article I am referring to her more elegant, full arm and skirt outfit. This outfit allows the leggy to work it and showcases the sleek curves of Billy Bastion’s super powered cousin. This is not to be confused with the Desaad Mary Marvel outfit, with the open lightning bolt and gimp mask.  You know, unless you’re into that!




4 – Power Girl


Now this power suit is something every comic fan recognizes. The distinctive symbol, or lack thereof comes from Power Girl’s lack of identity when she began as a super hero. Our second Supergirl left her uniform devoid of a symbol because she hadn’t found one that defined her as a hero. The open window to her cleavage became her symbol as she defined herself through action, and it even became a feminist symbol in DC. Most men would agree, few symbols are more appealing.



3 – Mystique


No, this is not a cop out. Mystique can change her outfit on a whim, of course, but I am referring to her usual look. Her stylish white gown with room for legs like pillars of clear sky, bare shoulders, and an interesting choker style collar draws the eye but leaves just enough to the imagination to make pay attention to each move she makes.




2 – Nightwing

sexiest costume 4

You might think a one-piece, full-body super outfit would be so run of the mill as to not make the cut for the sexiest costumes. But let me ask you, how many super butts go viral? Nightwing is the premier super hero with the #Datass trend on the internet. Even as a hetero male, I have to admit that suit showcases a pristine posterior, and it’s popularity cannot be denied!





1 – Poison Ivy

sexiest costume 5

If you are anything like me, a woman is never sexier than when she is in casual clothes and working it without trying. There is a certain appeal to the a woman who is au natural. Can we even make the claim that there is another woman more natural than DC’s nature lady, Poison Ivy? In the video game Arkham Asylum, she is trapped in her cell in just panties and a loosely buttoned top. She continues to wear it in Arkham City, so for that continuity, it is her super suit. Who wouldn’t bark up that tree?




sexiest costume 6

Honorable Mention – For being the indisputable proof that Nightwing’s outfit is dead sexy,’s own Colin Bass gets an honorable mention. Everyone feast your eyes on the one…the ONLY…#datBass!

Diggin the eye candy? Anyone you think belongs on the list? Hit me up in the comments!

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