Top 5 Video Game Characters Who Deserve Comics


Top 5 Video Game Characters Who Deserve Comics

Earlier this week, I wrote up an article about which comics deserve to become a video game. That got me thinking, which video games have a full enough world and interesting enough characters to be a viable and interesting comic. So without further adieu…

5. Resident Evil

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Resident Evil makes the tail end of the list because of two major developments in the game series. First, in the last three titles, we have seen en expansion on the characters, enemies, kinds of Bioweapons, and the world has grown to deal with the threats caused by Umbrella. The second thing was actually two CGI motion pictures that came out, impacting the video game universe. The world is rich, yet terrifying, and if DC’s New 52 has proven anything with Animal Man and Swamp Thing, it’s that horror comics can certainly sell. The characters that we are familiar with, Leon and Ada being, perhaps, the most popular, are all powerful and particularly skilled. Characters this exceptional could absolutely drive an ongoing title.

4. Uncharted

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For fans of uncharted, this series has a deep abiding narrative. Tomb Raider has it’s own comic and Uncharted is no less deserving. The organizations, underlying mysticism, deep conspiracies lend themselves to the kind of subtle storytelling that can lead to a truly suspenseful build to a satisfying climax. With it’s similarities to Indiana Jones, it would make for a modernized pulp comic, a genre that just isn’t in attendance as much as it should be.

3. Remember Me

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This game may be a sleeper, I can’t even claim that it is a hit (check out the review), but it would make a fantastic dystopian comic. With the memory hacking abilities of the main character, as well as the chaotic consequences of that technology make for a disparate and hostile world to work with. As you play through the game, more and more tools and weapons, and Matrix style martial arts downloading system, would allow for a lot of character development and evolution. Also, the consequences of changing a characters mind would lend itself powerfully to the cyclical story telling of ongoing comics.

2. Metal Gear Rising: Reveangance

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I disliked this game way more than I can convey to you in a just text message. The gameplay was flat, the bosses limited by the focus of the game. The final boss caused me to facepalm on behalf of the Japanese based Kojima Studios. Yes, an intercontinental facepalm. The thing to remember here, is that a comic does not hinge on gameplay. MGR:R has a rich history to pull from, as the entirety of the old Metal Gear games create the organic world. The history of the game itself focuses on how even the Metal Gear technology is taking a backseat to the cybertronic tech of the title. Already, the series shows creative takes on the cyborg designs. The villains would be memorable and have interesting gimmicks.  In the tradition of the entire Metal Gear series, the stories would be complex and high-stakes. In short, a horrible game, does not a horrible comic make.


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While the world of the first two Infamous titles had all of the makings of the comic book world, everything opened up in a big way. In the early titles, we had super powers, time travel, an evil organization, and even an evil version of the protagonist as the main enemy. In the newer title, the world has grown. There is a government agency built on containing the conduits, or super powered people, and those conduits are more diverse than ever. We get to see during gameplay six of the power sets; smoke, paper, concrete, neon, video, and electricity from the first two games. However, they mention dozens of other urban elements that we haven’t seen yet. With a world this rich, how could no one think to turn it into a comic series? It’s like the narrative creators of the game, wanted to write super hero comics all along.

Are there any games you think would have made better comics? Did you like my choices?  Hit me up in the comics below!

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