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Top 6 coolest radioactive animals to be bitten by

Posted on May 5, 2014 by in Features | 0 comments

Top 6 coolest radioactive animals to be bitten by

6 – Lobster

top 6 - 1

No, I don’t think the power to turn bright red in the bath is a worthwhile super power, but you know what is? Immortality. As far as science knows, they have no upper limit for life, and in fact do not degrade over time. They get bigger, stronger, and more viral with age. The power of it’s pinchers are proportionate to it’s size and the carapace of the lobster can be shed and regrown. I know, it’s not terribly exciting but I thought naturally occurring immortality attached to increasing size was just enough to make the list.

5 – Owls

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So, we all know that owls can swallow certain animals whole, and besides some radically creepy movements, can turn it’s head completely around. These are not super powers! However, these are not the extent of their abilities. We know they have razor sharp talons, but did you know that some species have bone crushing strength of over 500 PSI. Also, they can shift the structure of their facial feathers to hear sounds like a parabolic dish! Getting bit might mess with how wide your eyes get when you’re shocked, but they definitely have earned their place as number 5.

4 – Japanese Hornet

top 6 - 3

I’m going to start by saying, if this Hornet bit you, I am so sorry. Not only does the Japanese Hornet have venom when it stings you, it can spit it at you and often aims for the eyes. Did I mention the poison melts flesh? Well at least now with your hideous scars you can fly and have endurance to do so for 50 hours a day. Possibly the most frightening power you will be getting is the ability to release a pheromone that ATTRACTS MORE HORNETS! So if your super powers aren’t enough to brow beat your enemies into a fear based surrender, you can curse them with the same harrowing experience you went through, without the PERKS!

3 – Platypus

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Ah, ha ha! You laugh at the ultimate black sheep of nature, but you know nothing! You shall bow before the unrelenting power of the Platypus! Ok, maybe not bow, but it does have a couple solid powers, and one really excellent one. The female platypus has poison quills she often uses to defend her young. So if you are capable of being bitten by an animal with no teeth, pray that it is a mother. The really mind bogglingly awesome power is electrolocation. The platypus has the ability to sense electricity in the area around it. Not just like power lines, but the electrical impulses left behind from small things, like contracting a muscle. A platypus could track you based on just your legs pumping.

2 – Bengal Tiger

top 6 - 5

The Bengal tiger has the fastest attack speed of any animal on the face of the planet. It has enough endurance to swim nearly three miles, with enough strength to launch itself out of the water and yank a full grown man out of a boat. Like every cat, it is agile, stealthy, and has claws. The most super powery thing that you can get from a feline, Ultra Violet vision. Cats can see in a greater spectrum as a human, making certain colors and such visible, as well as better nightvision. Let’s not forget that you survived an attack by a damned Bengal Tiger. Your reputation is secured!

1 – octopus

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I know. I know. It sounds pretty gross, right? But let’s look at the facts. The octopus is already incredibly intelligent as far as animals go. If that doesn’t translate through the radioactive bite, lets look at the five major physical attributes that might! Possibly the least of these attributes would be the emergency ink, like a kind of smoke bomb underwater. If the universe takes the kind of license Stan Lee did, then it could just be an opaque black smoke. Underneath the water, some species of octopus can move nearly forty Miles Per Hour underwater, which might not seem like much compared to Aquaman, but that’s just right for some super stunts on the high seas. Suction Cups can be used for grappling and climbing walls, not to mention pulling yourself up the side of pirate boats or embargoed freighters. Now we come to the two best powers to take from an octopus; muscular contortion and full texture and color camouflage. The octopus can not only change it’s color to mimic any color under the ocean, but can shift it’s texture to match whatever surface it is lying on. If you want to look like coral, sand, or nearly any kind of rock, your skin would be completely up for the challenge. Imagine being able to shift into the color and texture of bricks while trying to avoid the police or track down a villain. The contortion f the Octopus is truly amazing. It can move through any space large enough to fit it’s beak, the only solid part of it’s body, through. The potential of being able to slip through pipes, mail slots, basically any means of ingress, in pursuit of justice!

So which animal would you choose?  Do you think there is an animal that deserves to be on this list?  hit me up in the comments sections!

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