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The Top Comic Book-Related Easter Eggs in Video Games, Films and Beyond

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Different nerd cultures love to reference each other, it’s an element of comradery that has grown with comics, games and films. This is mostly because if you like one, you more than likely enjoy the others too and want to express that in your work. These references take the form of “Easter Eggs”, and not the chocolatey kind. Below are some of the coolest and nerdiest Easter Eggs in video games and TV.


The Esports phenomenon League of Legends features many character skins (purchasable cosmetic costumes) that directly reference nerd culture. For example, Swamp Master Kennen and Chosen Master Yi are more blatant references to Star Wars while Deadly Kennen is a nod towards Deadpool.


Riot Games on Facebook

Riot also releases skins themed skins each year for the favorite characters of the World Championship winners, which can be used by, as reported by guides on eSports games, over 100 million players.

DC Universe includes several more relevant Easter Eggs players can find a rose and playbill dropped by Bruce Wayne’s parents in Crime Alley and the impact scar from Superman’s spaceship in Smallville.

In Sanctum 2’s Biolab level, you can find an explorer hanging off the edge of a broken platform on the map. As you approach, in an ode to The Lord of the Rings the explorer will utter “Fly, you fools!” before falling down below.

Lastly, in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine game, included a special hidden cave where within players could find the Lich King’s legendary Frostmourne from World of Warcraft inside the hatch from Lost.


In the first Iron Man film (2008), Tony Stark is chased down by two military jets. Deciding his options are limited Stark phones James Rhodes, who is in command of the jets, to diffuse the situation. Rhode’s ringtone that plays is the theme tune for the original Iron Man cartoon.

Man of Steel

Man of Steel on Facebook

Man of Steel features droves of Easter Eggs for fans to find. Clark’s attendance at Weisinger Primary School is in homage to Mort Weisinger, an editor of DC comics who is integral to the Golden Age of Superman Comics. While Kal-El is exploring a crashed Kryptonian Scout Ship (Film-Superman’s Fortress of Solitude), fans will notice a stasis pod is open and empty, hinting that Kara Zor-El, Superman’s Kryptonian cousin is already well and out exploring Earth. And, at the end of the film there is also a quick nod to the Green Lantern franchise as one of the soldiers featured wears a badge that writes “Ferris”, the name of a historic villain and hero figure in the series.

Among the many Easter Eggs in Spider-man Homecoming, the latest big hero film to hit the screens, one of the most popular tributes features a nod to Miles Morales through the good crook character Aaron Davis, who later becomes The Prowler in the comics. Miles Morales is the Spider-man of the Ultimate Marvel universe and he is an incredibly popular character.


There are hundreds more Easter Eggs to delve into but these are some of the fan favorites, and now you have an idea of what to look for, perhaps it’s time to brush up on your comic book knowledge and have a scout through some of your favorite games, or re-watch one of your favorite films, to see how many you can pick out. There will always be plenty more for you to find.

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