Top Comic Influencers That You Should Follow

comic book influencers

Comics have been capturing imaginations through combining words and imagery, in ways that not only pull both kids and adults but also keep them addicted for as long as I can remember. 

And this is unlikely to change anytime soon. From powering Hollywood blockbusters to comic-cons that attract thousands of people every year comics are definitely part of our daily lives.

If you are among the elite ‘few’ who spend tons of hours browsing the net for the latest news or reviews in the comic world, you should consider following comic influencers.

These are people who use their online presence to enlighten the world on things like concept art, upcoming content and industry insights. 

Now, there are hundreds of influencers online and it can be a bit overwhelming determining who to follow. To help you separate the wheat from the chaff, here is a list of the top comic influencers at the moment;

1. Chris Samnee 

Having worked previously on titles like Thor; The Mighty Avenger, Daredevil, Black Widow, Ultimate comics Spider-Man and Captain America, Chris is a respected influencer in the comic world.

He bagged the Eisner (2013) and Harvey (2011) Awards for the Best Inker and Promising New Talent respectively. He posts finished publications, sketches and warm-ups on his social media accounts.

2. Jeremy Renner

Just like GetLucky, comics too have a way of changing lives forever through big screens. Actors that play roles of superheroes in movies also have become comic book influencers. 

Jeremy Renner for instance, (played Hawkeye in Marvel’s Avengers) nowadays connects with his fans globally via his social media accounts. He currently has over 14 million followers on Instagram. Follow @renner4real for tons of Marvel-related pieces and other non-comic book projects. 

3. Lee Garbett

Batgirl, Dreamwar, Windstorm and Batman are some of the projects that Lee has worked on. Currently, he is a freelancer producing posters, comics and other related items for followers and fans on social media. He usually showcases sneak peeks, secret projects, book covers and doodles.

4. Arthur Adams 

Arthur has been in the game for a couple of years. Actually, he started his career penciling Marvel’s Longshot limited series at only 19! Since then he has worked on several titles including The Hulk, Excalibur, Godzilla, X-Men, Superman and Spider-Man.

Besides comic books, he also develops illustrations for posters, trading cards and shirts. His social media posts feature a vibrant collection of his various works like full panels, inked drawings and sketches.

5. Vanessa R. Del Rey

Venessa’s work often features dark, textured and often moody illustrations. Femme Fatales, created with undivided devotion and gravitas portrayed in frank and sometimes savagely violent ways are always evident in her publications. 

On her social media platforms especially Instagram, she gives the public an opportunity to see what she does best; posts concepts, time-lapse videos and sketches that showcase her projects in progress.

6. Meichi

Melchi is the star behind the popular webcomic “Barely Functional Adult.” Just as the name suggests, the comic is mainly about characters trying to manoeuvre the challenging/complex emotions of our day to day life. 

Essentially, the series serves as a genuine reminder to take care of ourselves and those around us. Most of her posts are highly relatable and that is why @barelyfunctionaladult has over 120,000 followers at the moment.

7. Patrick Brown

Patrick is a well-known artist for his projects on Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, the Avengers STATION, as well as the Guardians of Galaxy, for Marvel Comics in Melbourne. He also teaches 2 informative classes on Characters in Motion and Characters in a Scene

Similarly, you won’t miss posts on character sketches and art pieces inspired by video games, shows and other comic books that he fancies.

8. Yehuda and Maya Devir

The couple is essentially one of Israeli’s top comic book artists. Yehuda and Maya are popularly known for their webcomic project, “One of Those Days.” 

The two have separate social media accounts; Maya’s Instagram account has over 2 million followers while Yehuda’s account, @jude_devir, has over 5.2 million followers. 

They usually post similar pieces including real-life images and illustrations giving followers something new every time. And wait, there is more; their kid Ariel, also has an account. 

The young star already has over 200,000 followers and obviously, the parents manage the account.

Bottom line

3 decades ago, checking out creative comic publications illustrators or finding a more experienced obscure artist to follow was almost impossible. You would have to comb through long and hard comic collections to get what you want. These days, however, things have changed. 

Regardless of where you are from, your time zone or what you do, with few clicks you can check out even the best comic influencers in the world. The list above is a good place to start if you love the realism of comics and graphic novels.