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Top Ten Alternate Batmen

Top ten alternate Batmen

Batman is one of the greatest comic book heroes of all time. He has dozens of variations of himself across so many universes. Sometimes I feel like they go unnoticed or get a bad rap. To me these “alternate” Batmen are amazing and always fun to read about, and right here you will see MY top ten alternate Batmen!

Top ten alternate Batmen

  1. Bat-Man from Earth-43. First Appearance: Batman & Dracula: Blood Rain (1991)

This Batman is an actual bat! This guy has no problem killing his foes after he fought Dracula and lost. He is on the bottom of my list because I feel like he takes the name of Batman to another level, but on the way he loses the essence of what makes Batman so amazing: being human. But the blood draining is awesome.

Top ten alternate Batmen

  1. Green Lantern Batman from Earth-32. First Appearance: Batman: Darkest Knight (1994)

This Batman gave a lot of fanboys what they wanted; Batman with a Green Lantern ring. The story behind this Batman is fascinating. He accidentally gets the ring when Abin Sur crash lands on the Wayne property. The inclusion of other main Batman characters becoming lanterns makes this story even better, but in the end Batman being the main lantern was always fun. The design of this character could be redone to look better, but it still holds up really well.

Top ten alternate Batmen

  1. Batzarro maybe from Earth-29. First Appearance: Superman/Batman #20 (2005)

Come on. It’s Batzarro, the reverse Batman. How could you not love this guy? He is just adorable. I love him so much because he was introduced in one of the best Batman stories that has ever been told, but he is also really fun to read about. I always loved the way Bizzaro talked and having a Batman version of this is even better. I also really dig his design and the upside down Bat-symbol.

Top ten alternate Batmen

  1. The Batman from  Batman: Year 100. First Appearance: Batman: Year 100 (2006)

I’ve always found this Batman’s mystery to be one of the coolest. We never knew who he was, but he kept fighting for justice. When you read this mini series, Batman feels so real. He feels like he could die at any time. It really gets your blood pumping.

Top ten alternate Batmen

  1. Dark Claw from the Amalgam Universe. First Appearance: Legends of the Dark Claw #1 (April 1996)

Come on! Wolverine and Batman mashed together to make a vigilante that will slice you in half! The design is really slick and the idea of one of DC’s and one of Marvel’s top characters coming together makes for a fun ride. He isn’t a character you’d want to bump into while committing a crime.  Top ten alternate Batmen

  1. Batman from Earth-22. First Appearance: Kingdom Come #1 (1996)

When Kingdom Come came out it turned our idea of heroes on its head. The idea of Batman was flipped with this version of himself. He wasn’t a one man army anymore; he was a industry. He wasn’t hiding in the shadows; he was making them. Nothing went on in Gotham city that he didn’t know about. For an older character, he seriously perfected the idea of Batman.

Top ten alternate Batmen

  1. Batman 1,000,000 from Earth in the 853rd Century. First Appearance: JLA #23 (1998)

This is the future Batman. No one really knows where he came from, but we do know he is seriously someone to reckon with. His power: Telepathy. HE IS A TELEPATH! Also his Batsuit has: camouflage, night vision, fireproofing, it’s collapsible and so many more features. I really wish he had more page time.

Top ten alternate Batmen

  1. Thomas Wayne from Flashpoint Earth. First Appearance: Flashpoint #2 (22011)

This is the first time we see Batman’s dad be Batman and, honestly, it’s the coolest. He is so broken by his son’s death, and it drives him more than even Bruce was driven. Also, having his wife as his arch villain, how could his story not pull on the reader’s heartstrings. He is also very well spoken in the medical field and he put Barry Allen on the electric chair and fried him. He is all around a Bad to the Bone Batman.

Top ten alternate Batmen

  1. Batman from Earth-19. First Appearance: Gotham By Gaslight (1989)

Picking the number 1 and number 2 spot on this list was really hard. These two versions of Batman are my favorites and they kept bouncing around between spots. The idea of a Steampunk Batman, before Steampunk was even a real thing is really sweet. The idea of a Victorian era Batman just get’s my blood pumping. Not to mention every time DC goes back to this character he just gets cooler and cooler. I want an ongoing series.   Top ten alternate Batmen

  1. Batman from Earth-38. First Appearance: Superman & Batman: Generations I (1999)

Yes, this is basically the same Batman as normal Batman, but he actually ages and we get to watch him age. These stories are always ones I go back to. I can even see them now on my shelf as I write this. I believe if DC made this an ongoing series, they would make BANK. Also, this Batman survives so many years by becoming Ra’s and using the Lazarus Pit! COME ON! That’s awesome!

So that’s my top ten guys. This isn’t a definitive list, but these are my favorites. Who do you think is the best alternate Batman? Do you agree with who I chose to grace this page? Leave a comment below and please give this article a share!

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