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Top Ten Comic Hero Slot Machine Games


When all else fails, the costumed heroes will save the day! Comic book superheroes have become huge during the 50s and 60s and their era has had a rebirth in the 21st century thanks to the explosive success of Marvel and Sony’s Spider-Man, as well as DC’s Dark Knight series by Christopher Nolan. It is a great time to be a comic book lover, with so many great movies and super hero themed games being released on a regular basis. Let’s have a look at the biggest and best of them.


  1. The Dark Knight Rises


The one that put comic book slots on the map. The one that has players growling at the machines in Batman’s own voice. This exclusive progressive for Microgaming casinos can be played for real cash and is listed on sites featured on The game has really nailed the appearance of Batman and others that appear in the movie, though this is hardly the only selling point. This slot machine is incredible in terms of its features (a 5-reel video slot with 2 jackpots and several bonus features)and it also recreates the movie it was inspired from to the last detail. DC has yet to repeat the success of this incredible slot machine though it has been experimenting with Batman slot and others for a while.


  1. The Avengers

This is an older version of the famous Avengers by Marvel, and it is made for the old school audience that hasn’t grown up with the ultra popular movies by Joss Wheedon but rather, the comic books heroes. It is a great little slot machine with authentic comic book style and a 3-reel style of play which is both accessible and as we mentioned, old school.


  1. Iron Man (series)


Another great Marvel super hero has been fairly represented by the gaming industry. Iron Man 2 has been fairly weak compared to the superior original as a movie, but the game has been excellent through and through. First a 3-reel and later a 5-reel video slot with 25 pay-lines, the Iron Man series offer an excellent array of bonuses and features that are quite up Tony Stark’s alley of wealth and technical excellence.


  1. The Incredible Hulk (series)

HULK, SMASH!-es through the good selection of slot machine titles that are up for grabs for fans of the green giant monster. A progressive slot, a 50-pay liner and a classic 3-reel slot are available from different software providers. What the games have in common are the green theme, the bonus feature that has Hulk smashing the tiles and symbols and other interesting and engaging mechanics.


  1. Captain America

The founding avenger has his own version of the growing super hero themed slots with 25-pay lines and one set of patriotic symbols. You may mistake this for being the ultimate US propaganda in the 50’s and you won’t be wrong but the slot is great with an excellent jackpot that is up to $63k!

  1. The Punisher

The only super hero from Marvel’s rooster to approach Batman’s awesomeness and then go a tad over the red line, The Punisher slot has been a great place for many fans of this dark, anti-hero with a somber tone, a lot of interesting features and a jackpot that promises to punish all your worries.


  1. Blade

Yet another Marvel hero featured on this list but with a good reason – the Daywalker has had a great run thanks to this amazing yet simple 3-reel slot with an array of vampire slaying features like a progressive slot that goes up to 8000 coins and $10k in rewards in no time.


  1. X-Men

Inspired by the original X-men movies, this is one slot you will definitely want to spend some time with. Not only does the slot innovate the genre with its Heroes Mode but it contains a plethora of different sets of “powers” that are granted to the heroes and villains that appear as symbols. A great progressive jackpot is present as well.


  1. Superman

Mixing this list a little, it is up to Superman to save DC (again). This is an older, 3-reel slot game that has an excellent appeal, considering it has Christopher Reeves in the role of Superman. Not only does the Man of Steel has a ton of excellent bonuses to offer like free spins, handsome jackpot and wilds but also the comic book style really peeks through the imagery.

  1. Thor

Last, but not least, Thor Odin’s son has a unique place in super hero themed slots with this excellent yet simple 3-reel, 9 pay-line slot. It is the theme and the style that really shine through, with a host of interesting bonuses to boot. The game also boosts a multiplier feature as well as scatter and wild symbols.

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