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Top Ten Rage Quit Games


Now obviously these are going to be games I’ve played myself, I’m sure the could be games that knock my choices off the list. Let’s start this shall we?

10. QWOP- The ragdoll flash game with the only instructions being Q and W, for your thighs and O and P for your calves. There are no other instructions. The game is still available to play at This game has only made my tenth spot, because after learning the tricks, falling to the floor is no longer frustrating.

9. Mirror’s Edge- The first person action-adventure platform game for the ps3 and the 360, is being infuriating. Sure the game looks fun and flashy, with it’s parqor, but if you don’t time everything right, you could be doing one part of a mission for a long time.

8. Sonic Spinball- I’m really good at pinball, really good. I’m terrible at Spinball. It’s not just scoring points, you also have to defeat enemies, open new rooms and if you stand idly by, Sonic will be eaten. This is why this hedgehog game has earned my eight spot.

7. Dodge ‘Em- When I first saw this game, it reminded of Rally X, only the controls are much tighter and the enemies much harder to deceive. The game is played in a box and you have to control your car to collect these ‘pellets’ while avoiding another car. Sounds easy enough until the car starts predicting your every move.

6. Happy Wheels- Another ragdoll game, only this time, you get a little more controls, but it’s just as wild and hard to control until you learn how to work the mechanism. This game features many characters and some violent deaths.

5. Dragonball Z Budakai- The was one of the first games I’ve owned for the ps2 and as much as I love the DBZ series and all their games. This one is the worst. If it’s not the awkward and hand hurting actions in the story mode, it’s the obnoxious use of the blocking system the computers use, even on easy mode. Having them block in the story mode isn’t that bad, it’s when you go up against them in the tournament mode, after they block for a majority of the match, the sift behind you and knock you out of the ring, even if your health is higher than there’s a gaming mechanic they fixed later on in the series.

4. The Impossible Game- Is so addicting, but requires too much memorization. The only control is the space bar and either you press it to jump and hold it down to keep jumping. The longer you get into the game, the harder the jumps are, and there are no check points, this is no end and what’s worst, it keeps track of all your attempts.

3. N+- A three button game, you can go left or right or jump and the object of the game is to reach the door, simple enough, until the level gets filled with proximity mines and rocket seekers. It also doesn’t help that your Ninja slides all over the place.

2. Cat Mario- Is exactly how it sounds. You’re a cat, in land of Mario. Only this game seems determined to waste all nine of your lives. Of course, you don’t actually have nine lives, you start of with three and after you lose those three, you start getting into the negatives. What about this game is rage inducing, well it could stiff controls, matched with slow enemies, enemies that pop out of question mark boxes or randomly fall from the sky. Or perhaps it’s the fact that the game puts areas in there that if you’re not careful, you can lock yourself into an area and the only way out is to die.

1. I Want to be the Guy- I don’t know what this game’s problem is or why we like being scared and angry, but after watching people play this game I played it myself and I think it’s sole purpose is to give you an aneurism. The first level has so many tricks and ways to go and invisible blocks that you’ll need to play it over and over again until you were you have to jump and dodge like the back of your hand. It seems the older I get, the more determined game developers get to piss you off and this game pisses me off, making it my number one most rage inducing game.




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