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Top Ten Tuesday: April Fool’s Headlines

top 10 tuesday

Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone!  If you walked into a door of saran wrap this morning, had your air conditioner shoot out confetti and glitter when you got into your car shortly thereafter, or simply have been sitting on whoopie cushions all day, you can rest easy knowing that we won’t be giving you any fake news today.  That’s amateur hour.  But, we will, on the other hand, admit that it took an awful lot of willpower and restraint to NOT cause the internet to grumble, speculate, and generally freak out.  We had many an LOL when debating on what we could say that would cause a ripple effect and send you all into cardiac arrest, but decided to exercise a little integrity.  (First time for everything, right?)

Anywho, here are your top ten for the week.  The best “fake” headlines we could come up with.


1. “Disney and Marvel Comics buy the rights to Batman”


2. “Scott Snyder revealed to have ghost written first  year of Superior Spider-Man


3. “The Walking Dead gets two AMC spin-offs in 2015″


4. “Robert Downey Jr. signs on for 386 more Avengers franchise films”


5. “Lois Lane and Lex Luthor to be married in Action Comics this summer”


6. “Warner Bros. pushes back Untitled Superman/Batman to 2018”


7. “Marvel to resume old numbering of all long-running titles in August”


8. “Marvel and DC announce inter-company crossover graphic novel, Batman VS Marvel


9. “Crises Remembered mega event to return DC Universe to pre-Flashpoint era in 2015″


10. “John Layman fired from DC”


Whoops.  That last one might be real.

See you Saturday for something COMPLETELY different.  Believe us…  You won’t want to miss what may well be the FINAL Stir the Pot Saturday…  Ever…

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