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Top Ten Tuesday: Best Comics of 2013

top 10 tuesday

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday!  A column specifically dedicated to my ramblings, but in list format!  If you’re not entirely sure what’s going on, check out the rules set forth here.  And then check out what’s going on every Saturday here.  Got it?  Good.  So here we go.

Not satisfied with year end lists?  Neither am I.  That’s why I’m taking it upon myself to enlighten (or enrage) you all with another one.

This week’s top ten, in no particular order: Best Comics of 2013


1. Batman and Robin (DC Comics)

2. Batman (DC Comics)

3. Suicide Squad (DC Comics)

4. Nightwing (DC Comics)

5. Swamp Thing (DC Comics)

6. Justice League (DC Comics)

7. Aquaman (DC Comics)

8. Forever Evil (DC Comics)

9. Batman/Superman (DC Comics)

10. Batman Incorporated (DC Comics)


So (surprise, surprise) DC dominated my list last year.  Will this year be Marvel’s?  (I doubt it.)  But it’s entirely possible that Dark Horse, Image, or Valiant could sneak into that list.  A few of their titles were on my pull-list and I did greatly enjoy them, so who knows what 2014 will bring.  See you Saturday for the real fight!  You’ve got a few days to compose your rage into a valid argument.  Bring it.

BatBatman and robin makes a top ten tuesday

I hope you enjoyed this Top Ten Tuesday, see you Saturday for the debate!

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