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Top Ten Tuesday: Best X-Men Writers

top 10 tuesday

Keeping with the nostalgic trip down memory lane (both because I have been in a little bit of a not-so-secret love affair with Marvel due to their summer blockbuster movies thus far and my brother’s love for the non-DC folks of the Big Two), I’m going to do another top ten list of writers.  Last week, we covered Spider-Man.  So it’s only fair that this week we cover my other close second (even though I currently loathe most of their titles): The X-Men.  Here are my top ten favorite X-writers, in no particular order.  Some of them wrote Ultimate stuff, alternate reality tales, or even spin-off series.  And, you know, some of them caused a lot of internet rage.  Don’t throw stuff at me…

1. Scott Lobdell

2. Stan Lee

3. Chris Claremont

4. Grant Morrison

5. Joss Whedon

6. Mark Millar

7. Peter David

8. Fabian Nicieza

9. Howard Mackie

10. Jeph Loeb

X-Men Jean and Scott


Agree?  Disagree?  Violently so?  Who did I leave off the list?  Who did I include (in your opinion) unfairly?  If I know one thing, it’s this: X-fans are ridiculously loyal.  Except to Chuck Austen.  No one liked him.  See you in the comment section with your thoughts!

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