Top Ten Tuesday: Best DC Comics Alternate Realities

top 10 tuesday

Well?  We did Marvel on Top Ten Tuesday last week, so it’s only fair that we do DC this time around.  Marvel has mastered the art of creating exciting and compelling alternate realities, but where Marvel has excelled, DC has also attempted to duplicate, as is standard for the Big Two’s continued rivalry.  Enter: The Multiverse.  And later down the line, (but not much later,) the creation of Elseworlds, or the “imaginary tales” format.  Some of these are debatable, but I have my reasons.  Whether they were intended to be looked at as such, these are all great “alternate reality” takes on classic characters and tales.  Here are my favorites.


1. The Dark Knight Returns

2. Kingdom Come

3. Gotham by Gaslight

4. One Million

5. Earth 2

6. Flashpoint

7. Injustice: Gods Among Us

8. DC Animated Universe

9. The Killing Joke

10. The New 52

DC-Comics-The-New-52 - Top Ten Tuesday

That’s this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, what are your favorites?  Be sure to check out this Saturday’s debate.  And, of course, put your own two cents in while you’re there!

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