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Top Ten Tuesday: Potential Forever Evil Big Bad Reveals

top 10 tuesday

Who are the Crime Syndicate of Earth-3 so terrified of that they would destroy their own world and come to ours?  There are plenty of rumors buzzing around the internet, but this veteran die hard DC fanatic has a few hopeful theories (and some are just crazy enough to make things work for those who are still not entirely on board with the whole New 52 thing).

Who kicked off “Forever Evil?”

1. Superboy-Prime

2. The Anti-Monitor

3. Alexander Luthor Jr.

4. The Monitors

5. Whoever Pandora REALLY let out of the box

6. Galactus

7. A brand new character

8. Earth-2 Superman

9. Zoom

10. Darkseid


So there you have it.  Agree?  Disagree?  Have theories of your own?  Well then be sure to stop by later this weekend for Stir the Pot Saturday.  Same question, your turn.  See you there!

Justice League film Darkseid - possible villain for Top Ten Tuesday?

That’s this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, what are your favorites?  Be sure to check out this Saturday’s debate.  And, of course, put your own two cents in while you’re there!

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