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Top Ten Tuesday: Least Patriotic Comic Characters

top 10 tuesday

To be fair, we Americans are a judgmental bunch when it comes to people who disagree with our viewpoints, values, and love for all things ‘Merica.  But, also to be fair, these people just kind of suck.  In accordance with last week’s list of most patriotic comic characters list, we’re offering up a brand new list of, well, those who aren’t exactly pro-America.  Here is a list of our top ten least patriotic comic characters, in no particular order:

1. Flag-Smasher

2. Cobra Commander

3. Red Skull

4. Dr. Doom

5. Anarchy

6. Ra’s al Ghul

7. Winter Soldier

8. Black Widow

9. Viper

10. Baroness

Red Skull Amerika

So there you have it.  Agree?  Disagree?  Tough shit!


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