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Top Ten Tuesday: Marvel Characters Who Need to Die

Posted on Mar 11, 2014 by in Features | 0 comments

It’s Top Ten Tuesday!  So that means it’s time for another list from your friends at Comic Booked!  We did some hypothetical house-cleaning over in the DC Universe all last week, so it’s only fair that we spend this week doing so in the House of Ideas.  That’s right, folks.  Let’s kill off some Marvelites!  (Not the creators.  That’s murder.  The Marvel characters).


Here’s my list:


1. Doctor Octopus / Superior Spider-Man

2. Maria Hill

3. Loki

4. Scarlet Witch

5. Cyclops

6. Hope

7. Speedball

8. Mary Jane Watson

9. Legion

10. Galactus

Superior Spider-Man - Marvel Characters - Top Ten Tuesday

That’s this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, what Marvel Characters are your favorites?  Be sure to check out this Saturday’s debate.  And, of course, put your own two cents in while you’re there!


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