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Top Ten Tuesday: Worst Comic Book Moms

top 10 tuesday

So Mother’s Day is on the way and I know we all love our moms, but some times, just some times, moms can have a ridiculous power over us.  That being said, we can all count our blessings that they aren’t terribly under-qualified to have brought us up in this world.  Or worse.  Super-Villains.

Here is my list of the top ten worst comic book moms:

1. Talia al Ghul

2. Lady Shiva

3. Cheshire

4. Sally Jupiter

5. Mystique

6. Catwoman

7. Scarlet Witch

8. Madelyne Pryor the Goblin Queen

9. Granny Goodness

10. Vanessa Fisk

 Vanessa Fisk

So there you have it.  Agree?  Disagree?  Did I leave anyone out?  Comment below and be sure to come back next week for a “best of” list of moms in comics!

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