Trailer Talk: Daredevil & Jessica Jones


It’s such a good time to be a geek! New York Comic Con happened over the last weekend and with it came some awesome trailers!

First up is the Daredevil Season 2 trailer:

Let’s break it down! Okay so the trailer is only about two minutes long and the first minute and a half is all recap. It’s cool to see all of the last season mixed down into a severely condensed minute. The first clip we get for season two is Matt, Karen, and Foggy all sitting in a church pew. Everyone of them is carrying dark baggage from last season, so this scene really suggests that those dark moments will follow them.

We also have Matt still asking why he still feels guilty, and the priest replying that guilt is good and that it means there is still work to be done. With these lines being so dark, we can gather that the tone of season two will be darker and more violent than season one. I mean we do get a quick glance of Elektra and later the Punisher. I think it’s safe to say more bodies will drop.

We see Matt in costume, which to me looks a tad different than the last costume he was in, so maybe new look. Karen seems to be investigating another mystery in one scene. I think that’s good, because her storyline from season one was amazing and it mostly revolved around one case. The question is, who is that in the x-ray she is holding?

We lastly get a brief clip of the Punisher walking into what looks like a hospital. A gun drops and he says one chilling word “Bang.” I want 2016 to come fast!

We also got a lot of teasers to the new Marvel’s Jessica Jones:


I’m not going to explain any real meaning behind these clips, because I could accidentally spoil things that would happen in the show. If you want to know what the easter eggs are in these clips, I suggest researching Jessica Jones.

The first three teasers are really good examples of showing the viewer the duality of Jessica. The teasers show off her powers, but also that she is quite a mess and not 100% one of the “good guys”. This series could easily be the darkest thing Marvel has ever done and they’re doing a good job conveying that to the viewer.

The last teaser is the most important one of them all. We get our first glance of the Purple Man. We see how he infects every part of her life. If you know anything about Jessica Jones, you know about how twisted her relationship with him is. If Marvel touches even half of what took place between them, this show will be darker than any of us imagined. Also how creepy is David Tennant’s voice in this teaser? He might beat out Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin performance.

So what did you guys think about the trailers? Are you hyped for the Marvel Netflix universe? Sound off in the comments!

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