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Trailer Tuesday Presents: Taken 3

Taken 3

Movie trailers are what keep fans coming back to the theaters, video stores and streaming services over and over again. Movie trailers about a successful franchise walk a thin line. Sometimes, viewers see the trailer for the next installment and worry that the studio has held on too long. Quite often, a third installment breaks the mold enough that fans stay away.

20th Century Fox does not appear to be in that position with the Taken franchise.

Liam Neeson is back as Bryan Mills, the covert operative that launched Neeson into action movie stardom in 2008. In the original, Mills’ daughter is kidnapped while overseas and Mills launches into one of the most bad ass father-saving-daughter movies in recent history. In 2012, Fox gave fans a sequel. This time it was Mills and his wife that were taken hostage.

Now, we get our first taste of next year’s Taken 3.

As the trailer opens, it seems all is well in the Mills family. Bryan seems content at home, his wife is worried about their daughter in a very normal way and the daughter seems to be happy and in control of her life. After two kidnappings and all the killing that ensued, they are just your run-of-the-mill American family.

That would make for a boring film, though. Quickly viewers see that Lenore has been murdered and Mills is being arrested. Mills doesn’t go anywhere without a fight, so fight he does.

Forrest Whitaker joins the cast as Frank Dotzler, the inspector that is faced with the impossible task of finding Mills, a man that is trained to disappear.  It also becomes apparent that the protagonist in the story aims to kill off the remainder of Mills’ family. Mills appears to have a meeting with Dotzler, following in the tried-and-true movie moment that will lead to the cop doing the right thing instead of what his job requires.


Taken 3 looks as good as the first two. To be more complimentary, Taken 3 seems to look as good as the original and much better than the sequel that many critics did not enjoy.

Are you excited for Taken 3? Will you be seeing it in theaters? Let us know your thoughts on this week’s featured trailer in the comments below.

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