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Trailer Tuesday: The Walking Dead Season 5

The Walking Dead Negan

Fans of The Walking Dead, both the television show and the comic, have been hoping that the upcoming season will improve on the last. As the days grow closer, more and more information is becoming available.

The season doesn’t start until October, but in this week’s Trailer Tuesday, it is time to examine a single moment in the trailer for the upcoming season.

If you want to get caught up on the recaps, feel free to read them right here on Comic Booked. There have been plenty of rumors. If you are not one that reads the rumors or spoilers, it is time to stop reading now.

You have been warned.

The biggest rumor coming from the set of the new season is that a major character dies. Information was leaked earlier this summer that the series would follow the comic book by killing off Glenn. The challenge? Glenn was killed in the comics by a character we have not yet seen in the show. A character whose brash language and actions may not work well for television.

As the group closed on Terminus to end the season, rumors were abound on which group from the comics they may have just run into. While the two rumors may not be connected, there is a brief moment in the trailer below that should make every fan of the comic sit up and take notice.

It happens first 13 seconds into the trailer. The group appears to be held hostage and on their knees with Rick facing them. The true moment happens at around 16 seconds.

[youtube id=”P2VCyRga2kk” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Is that Negan?

A man approaches behind a kneeling and gagged Glenn and raises a baseball bat. Negan and Lucille appear ready to make their on screen debut.

Now, I’m excited for the new season.

What do you think? Will the show alter the origin of this story? Is that Negan and Lucille preparing to end Glenn’s life? The moment in the comic was incredibly gruesome. Can that translate to television?

Tell us in the comments below.

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