Trespasser #1 – 3 Review


Story by Justin Ryan
Art by Kristian Rossi
Letters by D.C. Hopkins

Alterna was the first reputable indie publisher to give me access to their entire catalog of books and I feel like their respect to me as a reviewer was never questioned. They have really helped me grow as a writer and a reviewer and for that I’m eternally grateful. In return for their respect and complete access I feel it’s important to speak on Alterna as well as the comic that I’m reviewing because in truth they feed from one another.

Trespasser 1

Trespasser is a different kind of book and is more than at home with Alterna because Alterna allows the unconventional to breathe and tread controversial ground without far stretching oversight from the publisher. Trespasser starts off with a man and his little family unit that consists of a daughter and a dog and gradually builds into a story of not just survival but of love for family, sprinkled in with aspects of a post apocalyptic world, and a mysterious alien for good measure. I know that sounds somewhat overloaded but the writing style of Ryan and the art of Rossi combine to make this easily digested. The flow of the book isn’t compromised because Ryan is slight with his story and holds back with mystery, especially when dealing with the post apocalyptic and alien, leaving much room for growth and revelation within the story. I feel like Ryan’s story telling style is fun and each issue reveals a little more while being stingy, but stingy in a good way, as in the reveals are significant but don’t give away too much.

Rossi’s art is consistent in all three issues and the main characters have their own feel. The color palette doesn’t vary much but stays true to real life and doesn’t take away from the line work or inking. I feel like Rossi must have firm grasp on the art because he is the only one that touches it, a unique position considering most artists have a color person, an inker, or both. I also like the way that Rossi and Ryan incorporate their styles together and tell the visual story. Some of the more emotional scenes are played out visual, or at the least are visually intensified, and only add to the drama of the moment. Hopkins lettering adds just a touch of flavor in spots with the action lettering and overall the dialog balloons are done very professionally. This book isn’t a call to letterers to showcase the skills but in the end that is fine with me because as long as the balloons, captions, and action lettering is done well it doesn’t need to be flashy. Hopkins does a good job of providing the necessary and as far as lettering goes sometimes that can prove the artists skills.

Trespasser 2

Alterna is easily found on their website Alterna and on social media like Facebook and Twitter, or Trespasser on Twitter and Comixology.

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