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Tuesday Trailer Park – 07/24/2018


Got your tickets? This is gonna be a wild ride.

Aaron here talking movies.

SDCC is over. Yes, the craziness that is the launch of the convention season has closed and now we all sit around and wonder just what they hell they were thinking out in Sandy Eggo.

Seriously, folks. There were a ton of trailers and announcements this past week, well more than my dainty fingers can hammer out here on the keyboard, but I want to touch on a couple of the big ones and get your feedback.

Of course everyone wants to talk about Black Panther 2… Oh, I mean Aquaman. It looks like a _________ movie. I will let you fill in the blank as you see fit. Jason Momoa makes a buff looking Arthur and it looks like another origin type story as we saw with Wonder Woman, but it could be fun. Black Manta looks awesome.


Have you ever thought about how Black Manta’s helmet must have been made by the same guy that made this…


The next big DC Comics film trailer to come out of SDCC is Shazam. The character of Billy Batson, an orphan who gets passed through the system all his life, finds himself in an unreal situation as he running from bullies and ends up meeting the great wizard, Shazam. Djimon Hounsou who played Korath in Guardians of the Galaxy and the the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, plays the wizard, but in the trailer, it sure sounds like George Lopez.

So, Shazam looks like a fun one, if a little goofy.

On the Marvel front… Nothing! Yep, they chose to sit this year out.

However, that makes room for the biggest movie of the coming season… a battle to end, or save, the world….

Definitely cool.

“Nuff said. Check out some trailers over on our Facebook page and you can also follow us on Twitter and other social media stuff and thangs.

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