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Two Comic Booked Dudes Interview Brian Buccellato

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It is not every day that we get the chance to interview a great writer, but we are hoping this will start happening more often and with less and less technical problems. We have a great 17:09 interview, and the last part had to be redacted due to the fact that we wanted to keep any spoilers away from your tender little ears… Not really, we just had a crazy sound fart in our recording system, but you still get the best parts of the convo between Two Comic Booked Dudes and the amazing Brian Buccellato, scribe of Detective Comics and many other books. In this interview, we had the chance to review Sons of the Devil #1 which comes out this week. This is a great book from Image Comics and is gritty and dark but so very interesting.

[youtube id=”Nuelzy___Qw” width=”620″ height=”360″]

We know we aren’t perfect… if we were, we would make millions of dollars a year doing this. Instead, we wallow in our own faults and hope that you got some great info from the 17 minutes that were awesome. Toni Infante’s art is amazing and we never would have thought that it is all digital. The lines and colors are truly awesome work. Sons of the Devil #1 is in stores on Wednesday so be sure to tell your LCS to add it to your pull. Brian says he has at least 36 issues of great story to tell us, so we want to make sure it lasts.

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