Tyler Crook Gets Comic Booked, Again! (VIDEO)

tyler crook

Art is a very important part of any comic book. Many times, regardless of how great a story is, poor artwork, or art that looks simple and sloppy or mechanical, can detract from the story so much that you may choose not to read it. The opposite can also be true. Great art can draw you to a book that you may not have previously purchased.

When it comes to stories with amazing art, Harrow County from Dark Horse is one of the current ongoing series that has both amazing art and an enthralling story. Tyler Crook brings a style to the art of this book that is very unique in the comic book world. Using soft strokes and bright colors, he brings to life Cullen Bunn’s story of a young girl who has to confront a dark destiny and make it her own. I love the story, the characters, but most of all the landscapes and characters.

Two Comic Booked Dudes had the great opportunity to have a casual interview with Tyler and you can watch the video below.

[youtube id=”tD4GLdQVW3U” width=”620″ height=”360″]

You may not know that back in 2012, Comic Booked interviewed Tyler Crook. I certainly didn’t. I was going back through some old articles and you can too. Check it out right here to see how things are different for Tyler after 3 years.

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