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UK Cosplay Showcase


Cosplay is a tradition that dates back to the early years of conventions, from Comic Books to Star Wars and Star Trek.

Green Lantern BaneFans from all over the world don the garb of their favourite characters, meet up, exchange tips and have fun. The world’s largest Cosplay destinations tend to be the “Super-Cons” of the United States: SDCC, NYCC, Wizard World, etc.

Somewhat lacking on the convention front in the past, the UK has only just come to be recognised as a hot bed of convention and Cosplay activity. Conventions such as the MCM Expo and Kapow! Comic Con draw fans and Cosplayers from up and down the United Kingdom, and then unite them under one giant nerdy banner. But what does it look like when a bunch of British Cosplayers get together?

YouTube channel and production company SneakyZebra would like to share with you how they do Cosplay UK style! Joining forces with the Heroes Alliance UK, they produce Cosplay Showcase videos at each convention they attend in an effort to bring Cosplay to a wider audience and showcase the talent of the performers and costumers. Their YouTube channel is loaded with great videos, including the one below: “I Want to be a Super Hero” produced at the London Film and Comic Convention.


Images by Heroes Alliance UK


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