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Vampirella and The Army of Darkness #3 – Dynamite


Vampirella and The Army of Darkness #3

Writer:  Mark Rahner

Artist:  Jett Morales

Letterer:  Marshall Dillon

Colorist:  Morgan Hickman

Cover A: Tim Seeley and Alex Guimaraes   Cover B: Tony Fleecs

4 pairs of vampire batwings out of 5 – great story, plot line and art!

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Ash is at it again!

Vampirella is tied up and held prisoner. Ash tries to sweet talk her captor and fails miserably. Def missing the mojo on this one! Apparently the mob thinks Vampirella is a witch and preps are in place to test that old school.

Ash tries to end the trial (if you can call it that), and was so unsuccessful he almost lost it when Vampirella plunged her entire arm in a cauldron of boiling water…and pulled it out unscathed!  Def!  The judge and jury couldn’t argue with an unburned arm – but of course they did!  Apparently all is good if you can hold a red hot bar without getting burned.

After passing that ‘bar’ exam, Vampirella tries to escape but her judge and jury Black Friar Thomas turns into a nasty red eyed demon after the Necronomicon confirmed she is not a witch.  Vampirella and Ash are once again on the run to get her back in time where she belongs!

Storyline is interesting and the art matches the plot with great costumes and fantastic coloring and inking. Vampirella; Army of Darkness is turning into a favorite after only 3 episodes!!!




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