Vampirella and The Army of Darkness – Ash Stirs The Pot!!!

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Vampirella and The Army of Darkness – Ash strikes again!!!

Vampirella you are the bomb (Atom, that is)!  Smart (devious), incredible (strikingly intense), beautiful (mesmerizingly mystifying), great sense of style (wears eye-catching duds) and loyal (until she is done being loyal and turns Black Widow)!  Winner, winner!

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Writer:  Mark Rahner

Artist:  Jeff Morales

Colorist:  Morgan Hickman

Letterer:  Marshall  Dillon

Cover:  Tim Seeley and Vincius Andrade (A), Jae Lee and Ivan Nunes (B) and Tony Fleecs (C)

4 Vampire Fangs out of 5 – good stuff!  Fast paced and brilliant art!

Ash is still Ash and in this great #1, he creates a commotion when dinner is being served.  He and his boom stick are a team the rest of the fighters do not respect, and his table manners definitely don’t help!  On the other hand, the hate and loathing against him could be due to his frequent use of colorful metaphors, his extra stinky personality or an intoxicating (intoxicated) manner that turns people on to (off of) him in droves…

Theres an unfortunate ‘after dinner death’ which takes everyone by surprise, so folks meander back to their chambers to relax and prepare for pending battle in  the morning.  No surprise Ash is found alone (abandoned by his woman due to a ‘misplaced love tap’) and bored – a horrible combination destined for snarky remarks and some sort of shenanigan.

Ash decides to obtain a midnight snack and after dressing he meets a roaming Vampirella who is also looking for a snack.   A quick refusal by Ash to deny Vampirella a snack size bite to his neck is followed by a conjuring up of a very evil looking lackey of Vampirella and now it’s SO on!!   Boom (stick)!!!!



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