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Vandroid: You Want To Read This!


When I think back to the 1980s and all the great movies of that time, many of them contained robots, cool cars or vans, guns, and babes. We called them babes back in the 80’s, before Political Correctness made us afraid of everything. When I recently picked up a mini-series from Dark Horse titled Vandroid, all of those memories came flooding back, and with good reason. This comic book was almost an 80’s movie.

First off, check out this awesome trailer in anticipation of the release of the collected series.

[youtube id=”C2EE8jMlAQA” width=”620″ height=”360″]

If you loved movies like The Terminator, Universal Soldier, and pretty much any other action movie from the 1980s, you will want to read Vandroid. Originally slated to be made into a movie, financial issues and circumstance led to the project being shelved before it could be completed. Now, Tommy Lee Edwards, Noah Smith, and Dan McDaid bring Vandroid to life.


The story is about a down and out custom van designer who used to be in demand but has fallen on hard times. He is approached by a friend who created an artificial intelligence and wants a chassis to house it in. That chassis becomes Vandroid, a man with a mission. This is an awesome action film perfectly transferred into a comic book. I really liked this and now you can get the graphic novel version at your local comic shop or by clicking here or here.


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