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Venditti and Jensen Bring Wally West Back to the Flash

New Flash Creative Team

That title really says it all.  For a lifelong fan of Wally West, this can be a game-changer.  For a hesitant New 52 reader, this could be a tipping point.  And for people who, like me, just find Barry Allen to be the most boring and absolutely unacceptably dull character in comic book history, this could mean big things for not only DC Comics, but what should be one of their top-selling monthly titles.

Wally West Flash

The new creative team of Robert Venditti and Van Jensen (currently co-writing Green Lantern Corps) will be joined by artist Brett Booth starting with issue 30.  And they will kick off their run (sorry, terrible pun) on The Flash with the return of Wally West.  How they will introduce him remains to be seen, but rest assured, fans all let out a massive collective sigh of relief when they heard this wonderful news.  Is the pre-Flashpoint DC Universe making its return?  Probably not for quite a while.  But are we slowly getting our favorite characters back?  Yes.

Slowly.  Verrrrrrrrrrrrrry slowly.


Scale of one to ten, how excited are you to see this Flash?

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