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Vessels Kickstarter Preview

Vessels 1

By now the understanding of the fact that I love Kickstarter shouldn’t be anything new but the reasons why I love certain projects varies greatly. The variety of the project; everything from the story, the art, to rewards, is what makes it so great. I could help fund a children’s book at the same time as a horror book. The possibilities are only limited to the people behind the project.

With that I have to say that Vessels is a unique idea with refreshingly nice art that fits the idea. To build a fantasy world is hard, to do it while asking for crowdfunding is even harder. Creation is hard but for some reason people have faith in themselves and the comic community. I for one am more than glad the Vessels crew decided to not only make a great book but they had the courage to put it on Kickstarter.

Vessel 2

The idea behind Vessels is clearly set out and accessible on the front page of the Kickstarter along with some really awesome concept art of characters. As far as the actual Kickstarter page, the creative team of Dave Cook and Rafael Desquitado Jr. have hit the nail on the head, everything a backer would want to know all on one page. A clear vision of a story accompanied by concept and finished art should be a standard, at least for people that want success in crowdfunding.

The rewards are seriously reasonable; ranging from a dollar and a thank you to a hundred dollars and a signed copy of the finished product. All of the rewards are not just reasonable but they don’t exceed expectations of backers; in other words they don’t ask for unreasonable amounts of money. For some of us a hundred dollars isn’t that much and even at the high end of the spectrum it isn’t crazy to ask.

Vessel 3

Because they did such a good job setting up their Kickstarter page go and take a look, at worse you won’t be impressed, but I almost guarantee you will want to pledge something, even if it’s just a dollar.

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