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Victoria Black #1 Review

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The indie comic community is pretty tiny when it comes down to it, there are a lot of people, but the same names crop up here and there when looking around for indie books to review. I’ve seen a few different Brandley Golden creations and I can say with certainty that he’s passionate about comic books and truly cares about creating. Golden has been a grinder, he and his Second Sight Studios has been responsible for several very different genre books that all show off Golden’s appreciate for not just comic books but the art of storytelling as well.

Victoria Black is a labor of love for Golden that describes it as his version of Mr. and Ms. Smith. Clearly it won’t be an exact match, for starters Victoria won’t be battling her significant other, she will be trying to protect her children from the top dog assassins organization. I’m always excited to see new takes on stories and anytime there is a seriously badass female protagonist I’m in.

The rewards are plenty and range from little trinkets like Kickstarter exclusive buttons and posters all the way to the actual book. I happen to like the fact that there are several different variant covers available and a package deal that bundles all the covers in one pledge. Of course there is an option for giving anything or a cheap six dollar PDF of the book. Since it’s the christmas season I know how broke a lot of us are so a six dollar PDF is a good way to help Kickstart a project while not breaking the bank.

There is still plenty of time to check this Kickstarter out so go give a look and consider pledging!

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