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Victoria Paege at Tucson Comic-Con 2010


This weekend was a busy one for me! Starting Friday I ran around like crazy looking for a new camcorder so that I could get some footage of the 3rd Annual Tucson comic-con.  I hopped in the car at around 9p.m. and by midnight was in Tucson preparing for the next day’s convention.  The Tucson Comic-con is a free event that was started in 2008 by Mike Olivares in the hopes of bringing local artists together for the town of Tucson.  The convention has grown considerably year after year and this year was no exception.  I got some great people on tape for you all to see in case you missed the convention this year. I have also provided their names and links to their work.  We’ll be featuring each of these artists at later times on the site, so stay tuned!

To stay informed on next years free convention be sure to visit

Thanks to Josh Shalek and Welcome to Falling Rock National Park for closing out the video for us!

What’s that? Comic Booked…the reason they created the internet…I knew it!

Here are the links to the artists/creators seen in the first video:

Andy Bohn – Artist of Elvatron Chronicles


Deviant Art:

Daniel Bradford- Robo 13 and King! Co-creator and artist


Mike DeBalfo- Zenescope cover artist

Deviant art:


Josh Shalek- ‘Welcome to Falling Rock National Park’ comic creator and writer


Stay tuned for the second video!

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Awesome Con for sure! Working on the second video now. Good times!

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