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The Walking Beth: A Memoriam In Pictures


In a television show like The Walking Dead on AMC, we, the viewers, know that each person is doomed to eventually die. The real question is always the how and why behind their death. Is it a death that adds value to the story? Does the death create or add to a crisis that helps intensify the drama? All these questions run through my mind each time another cast member is killed off on The Walking Dead. This was no different with the death of Beth Greene on the mid-season finale of Season Five.


Fans of the show know Beth Greene as the youngest daughter of Hershel, growing up on a farm with her mom, dad, and sister, Maggie. Rick Grimes and his rag0tag bunch of survivors happen upon the farm after Otis shoots Carl in the woods at the beginning of Season Two. Hershel, a veterinarian, is able to patch him up, with the help of Patricia. During this season, Maggie is introduced as the stronger of the two sisters, but w see into the soul of Beth as she explores the darker side of the desperation created by the seeming hopelessness of the situation. Death is inevitable and Beth wants to chose the when and where. She even tries to convince Maggie to join her.

Beth Beth

Beth was young enough to be grouped in the with the other kids, but could still be counted on to take care of the littlest ones.

BethAfter leaving the farm, she seemed to become mostly emotionless, tending to not make lasting relationships with anyone, even the occasional boyfriend, like Zack.

BethShe is not beyond being cared for or offering support when it is needed.

Beth Beth

Sometimes Beth was the voice of reason.


She lost a lot during her time with the group.

BethBut when it came down to it, she was stronger than people thought.


Beth will always be a part of the Walking Dead family and she will never be forgotten.

BethYour death was meaningful, as you stood up for what you thought was right and fought back against the evil you saw in the world. You will be missed and we send you off with a salute. Rest in Peace.



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I don’t even watch the show or care about it and knew she was dead. We waited until it was literally everywhere else until we published it. Cheers

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