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The Walking Dead #120 – Spoiler Frigging Filled Review

The new first family of The Walking Dead - Carl, Rick and Andrea

Spoilers for The Walking Dead #120

You’ll read this in every review of the most recent issue of The Walking Dead comic, and if anyone excludes it then they royally screwed up and should be voted off the island, but allow me to add my voice to the chorus and confirm that yes, this issue is an action packed “All Out War” installment!

It starts of course right where we left off last issue, with Negan at the gates of Alexandria with a zombie Trojan Horse. Zombie Holly bites Denise, and as Negan starts tossing grenades over the fence, Heath loses a leg. This throws Rick into one of those difficult choices that feels just like the Telltale video game (which you may read about on our companion site sometime soon). Does he amputate Holly’s arm, and attempt to halt the spread of the infection and save her life, or does he give her time to try and stop the bleeding and save Heath’s life instead? Which choice would you make? Negan’s men continue to bomb the place with hand grenades, leaving the issue in an almost perpetual state of utter chaos. Ezekiel tries to lay low while Michonne wants to help survivors. The always insanely acrobatic Jesus manages to grab a grenade and toss it back, leading to the first image below. If someone was eventually going to do that, it absolutely should have been him! One of Negan’s guys, Dwight, suddenly stops giving orders mid-command and instead fires bullets into the heads of his whole team. The scene of him putting drops in his lidless eye serves to remind you why. It sure feels good to see Maggie reunited with her survivor family, especially as she arrives with a group of Hilltop reinforcements to drive off Negan and his men, but not before Carl’s already war-torn face appears to catch some explosion heat. As Heath is saved, Alexandria burns and Rick collapses.

There is a lot of action and gore in The Walking Dead 120
Yeah man, damn is right.

Not only is the action on an upswing this issue, so is the gore. Blown off limbs, half bodies, bites and bullet holes, The Walking Dead #120 has it all. Negan is on a real roll too. As he describes his bonerific response to all the carnage he’s creating (to Lucille, no less) you have to seriously consider the possibility that he’s not speaking metaphorically. One of his quivering, confused little underlings tries to play along, and Negan drops one of those “it’s only funny when I do it” routines on him. He actually loses that soldier in the battle, but as Negan points out, Alexandria is smoldering rubble and this was a major victory for his side. It’s probably about time for a new location anyway, but it’s still hard to imagine moving on, even if the old Safe-Zone isn’t as safe as it used to be. The letters page is a bit of a minefield itself, especially if menstrual cups and asscracks make you squeamish, but all in all this panel sums up my thoughts on this exciting issue perfectly:

The Walking Dead #120 Negan sums up this comic perfectly
You took the words right out of my mouth.

My rating: 4.75 out of 5  – These two panels from the issue really convey my thoughts perfectly, and excitement like this deserves to be celebrated!

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