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Walking Dead Reviews – Season 4 Ep. 10: Inmates


Spoilers for The Walking Dead –

The second half of season four continues the fallout from the razing and abandonment of the prison sanctuary. Last week, we caught up with Rick, Carl, and Michonne. As this episode begins, we see that Daryl and Beth do a lot what you expect people to be doing in the zombie apocalypse – running. Emily Kinney delivers an opening monologue that shows how much hope the prison had really given Beth, but Daryl seems to be taking it the hardest of the two. He’s lost motivation (and tact) and only appears willing to look for the others when she threatens to walk off alone into the dark. They follow a trail to survivors, but it’s the end of Beth’s forced optimism when they find their remains being eaten by zombies (don’t worry, they weren’t anyone we knew).

Tyreese has taken charge of Lizzie, Mika, and yes, Judith. Lizzie takes away Daryl’s “rudest comment of the episode” award, even as Tyreese tries to continue their survival training. We see Tyreese also tried to lend a hammer hand to the dead group Daryl and Beth found, but you lose interest in the coincidence quickly when Carol shows up. This could be a pretty tense family unit, but luckily Carol is a good liar.

Onto the next group – Maggie, Bob, and Sasha. They track down the prison bus, and find it full of undead. Maggie needs to end them one by one to see their faces, and make sure Glenn isn’t among them. It puts her group in a pretty messy situation, but once again it looks like we didn’t lose anyone important.


What Maggie doesn’t know, is that Glenn is actually still at the prison. He doesn’t have anyone to talk to at first, but he does have a plan involving some hasty looking packing and his riot gear. You gotta love seeing armor actually put to good use. On his way out he sees Tara and rescues her from a cage surrounded by zombies, and in the saddest scene so far for me, Glenn finds out for the first time that Hershel is dead – it honestly never occurred to me that he didn’t know.

Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita (more characters from the comics) are introduced in the last scene, and there’s your show!

So what did we learn?

Crying babies do add a bit of tension to outdoor scenes in a zombie apocalypse, but more because you think Lizzie might suffocate them than anything else. What has she really learned from Carol?

The other characters will still cry more than actual babies though, you gotta get used to crying scenes in shows like this.

“Those who arrive, survive.” The catchy slogan from the radio has made it onto a sign too. Will Carol’s group follow it? Personally, I don’t trust it, but I’m not totally surprised that gimmicky marketing techniques survived the end of the world.

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